Replay players

out all the players on replay poker.
I was wondering, what percentage are Americans, Canadians, Germans, Australians, etc, etc,.
are the make up players on this site.
just curious.
would be good to know

It’s something like 47% USA, 8% Canada, and the rest split around the world. You can use an analytics site like to get more detailed info on the site’s users.

35% of players are womens on replay, i was surprised it was that much

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Good number, hope it goes higher. They are FIERCE!!!

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The maths is wrong! 78% are lying!!! Many females wont select fem on profile when they are, and many males will select fem when they are not! Same as many plays use VPN to hide or change location.

I also expect its significantly lower than 35% - if everyone was honest!


ahhhhh smart, it’s true

Replay players don’t lie :wink:

I also agree with you.

I’m unsure of the %'s but, I’m certain players are untruthful about their gender on here probably just to deceive their opponents when playing for some hidden reason(s) that they only know.

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Everyone who identifies as a woman is a woman. That’s just how modern science works.

I self-identify as a leatherleaf fern, and I use studmuffin, cuddlebunny, and hubbahubba as my pronouns. Please don’t mis-species me.


Lol :joy:

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I initially started this topic about the percentage of all the different countries that make up the replay player group.not what percentage of women and men playing replay, oh well interesting how things develop.thanks for everyone’s contribution to the topic


Unfortunately you cannot get a true representation of what countries because people use VPNs to mask thier locations. Unless every member posted thier country and then you have to take into account if everyone is telling the truth.

I’m in The United States today…

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