Replay needs a feature that allows players to bet

on players in tournaments…at least in the big tourneys…there are some playe4rs i would bet on and others I would bet on if the odds were long enough…

Not gonna happen. This is a poker site, not a gambling site.

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I can see the logic, in that it would encourage players to pay attention to other players more, to see who’s good and who to bet on. I kinda like that idea. Playing better poker does require knowing your opponents.

But I see too much additional structure needed for this to work well. You’d need to provide better stats on players profiles, visible to all. Until that happened, it would be too much work to take careful enough notes on enough players for knowing who to bet on worthwhile.

actually its very easy, just bet on the player ranked the highest. In this case ME I am ranked 2, hence everyone will be winners cause everyone bet I will win. If thats the case I need a percentage of the bet, mhmmm something in the figure of 80%?? MUHAHAHA

I would bet a lot on my opponent, then make sure I don’t win a hand.

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