Replay Milestones

I’ve played on Replay for a few years now. Somewhere around 2017 I lost most of what I had, dropping down to a few hundred thousand chips. I remember this past summer, not really playing much poker but always coming to collect that daily bonus. There was a point where I wanted to start playing again, remembering days of around 8 million chips in my bankroll, all earned. I had always loved playing MTT tournaments and found I wasn’t too bad at them, but I quickly realized the money was in ring games. I was able to recover from my losses, and as of today, with a bunch of grinding on the high stakes tables, I’ve amassed 15 million chips and reached a sub-1000 rank. I’m curious as to other big milestones members on the site have reached and are proud of; certainly some more impressive than mine. Let me know!


Thanks for sharing. My milestones are similar. I liked tournaments and thought I was better at them, so I did all the SnG leaderboards and played a lot of MTTs for a couple of years and had about 8m chips.

Someone suggested trying ring, and I quickly ran it up to 70m, but then I started playing above my bankroll at 100k/200k and quickly dropped under 30m. That was pretty discouraging, but eventually I managed to go well beyond where I was. Now I love ring games and play regularly in the games that almost made me bust, so there is always hope and room for improvement.

Well, I am sorry to say that my milestone was deleted by Replay … which is very sad as my milestone actually allowed me to post my milestone…confusing, yes, but confusion on here is something to which I have become accustomed. (This should in no way be construed as disparaging Replay or it’s employees or volunteers)