Replay is all fish!

Tu warlock! Where I say I player pokerstar? I play live cash game with friend only!

Nobluf is right! He is good player!

Coder is right! He is rare smart guy who could make it!

Avoid postflop! Go allin preflop and get call by station with lower pocket at low stake! If need to raise not allin raise big enough to get 1 caller maximum!

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hi @gamergirI

since we have played a few HU rings, i would like to ask you what your opinion of my game is and where you see the most important areas of improvent

@BlackWidow from the SB raise like 5x (or even bigger) pre with all your 3 bets. You dont want to get called since playin out of position is hard. So if you size up your raises out of position to 5x+ from the standart 2.5-3x in position you will get less callers.

But still if you get 2-3 callers it depends so much on how they play like… do they call pretty much all hands and are they caling station? If yes just try to check it down. I would expect passive players like this to bet all better hands during the hand and check down all worse.

Do the people call raise most strong hands preflop? like AK, KQ, KJ and even K10? If so you would have a huge range advantage on the k72 rainbow flop. I woud just c-bet my whole range on this flop if this is the case. This is very balanced and very easy to do. If they raise you can just easily fold since you have some better hands in the same spot which can call the raise like AK, KK, AA and KQ.

If the people calling are playing ABC poker and the flop is AJ2 and you have 10s you can decide to bet and try to take it down. Betting can never be bad here since you have a lot of aces in your range and they would raise all good aces/kings pre instead of just limp in.
You can also decide to check (in the hope to check it down and show the best hand maybe?) if they bet they have a pretty easy to read range i would say mostly weak aces, due to the limp preflop so the only scary hands would be A2 and 22. you can just decide to fold here. But you can also decide to play it tricky and turn your 10s into a bluff (you have so many good hands here like AK, AQ, AJ and JJ, since you 3 bet from the SB you also want to have some bluffs) you can go for the check raise (i assume a lot of players call this raise with weak aces, so you will have to fire 2/3 barrels so bluff the turn and river aswell depending on the runout. If a card which is good for your range comes off like a 10, J, Q, K or ace bet again if a neutral card comes off like maybe 789 you can check and give up or check and bet the river if they check back. If a good card for them comes of 345 maybe? you can check fold I think.
If in this spot a 2 comes of it is intresting they pretty much have no good value combos left since only 1 combo of 22 is left and a few combos of A2, so i would also keep barreling on this card.
add-on ofcourse only check raise your 10s if you also plan on check raising some strong hands like JJ, AJ on this board if you bet out all these you have to check fold 10s here in my opinion, but you can still get tricky and bet, bet, bet

You can just bluff all 3 streets here since you have a lot of good hands in your range which you can represent.

I kinda went deep into it but this is my thinking on these flops with these hands :slight_smile:
feel free to ask me some more questions


@yiazmat If i have some free time I would like to play you headsup a bit and share some thoughts. Maybe you would be able to help me aswell (kinda busy these days though)

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Having played many hands heads-up against you and @Nobluf, and lost about 250m in the process, you two are definitely among the best players on Replay (along with idiotplayer, unranked, and birba). I would encourage everyone on the forum to make the most of your willingness to give advice.

  1. I have the same question that I have for all the top players: What are your full ring ranges like from all positions at say 50k/100k on Replay? It would be too much to ask for all hands, but approximate percentages would be helpful. What is your 3-bet range? I don’t 3-bet light against Replay fish because their opening range is so tight, but @gamergirI, I have seen you 3-bet players I would consider too station-y. Do you do it purely for value?

  2. I have seen you often raise over what looks like a very strong bet and get folds. I tend to fold every time a fish bets big/raises unless I am holding the top of my range because fish play so face up, but you seem to counter aggression with more aggression. How do you do that?

  3. I know that you often want to play against me. I think it’s because you know that you can beat me but it could also be that I actually adjust my play, making me a more interesting opponent. Which is it lol?


I thought I read one of your posts where you said that anyone who player on Pokerstars would be able to get to top 200 in 2 weeks. I assumed you included yourself but that was just an assumption. My bad. Anyway, I hope you can help people with what seems to be a maximally exploitative game. You ripped through here like few people have ever done. I did not get to see you play until you popped up in elite stakes so I didn’t get to see how you did it. I’m afraid to make another assumption but I’ll go on a limb and say you went almost entirely value until you reached elite stakes and only then did you have to add any balance and a few more bluffs. If you did value-own the entire site up to now, that’s amazing. I look forward to seeing how this thread shapes up.

Gamergirl u said All MTT players are fish and said those games are worst on site. I politely disagree for the most part because their are a lot of very solid players that play tournaments and tourney style in rings. They might not get to 200 rank in 14 days but thats impossible with playing only MTT because the average high stake tourney is a 250k tourney. So im talking more about the skill of their play and not having a 200 rank in 14 days goal, Thats obviously not the goal of a MTT player and doesnt diminish their skill. Playing tourneys is a whole different breed than rings, their are so many more factors to consider and so many more variances than in rings. You are having to change and adjust your play and decisions throughout the whole tournament so in many ways i think the top tourney players are overall as much if not more skilled than a top ring player except for the fact it takes longer to get your bank higher. You say u will be #1 in MTT if u would play. Having to deal with 50 or more different styles of play could throw your game off more than playing with most of the same small amount of elite players on your table every time u play because u get to know their style more, unlike any rabdom 50 or more players that show up to any given MTT. any fish could knock u out of tourney on a bad beat or u playing your best and they get lucky hitting a straight or flush gut shot for example, and you get much more callers too that u have to deal with. One bad play or hand and you are out, where as in rings u can keep on playing. Anyway it would be interesting to see how u placed in a 50 plus MTT because of all the differences in style and variances of the game. Guess we will never find out if u dont play them, thanks again for any feed back.


I forgot how you play because I stack you many time too fast! We play again to remember again!

Wrong! pocket 10 is bad bet on AJ2 flop! Call hand is most better than pocket on this flop! With pocket 10 check call/fold depend on image and player!

Pocket 10 is bad check/raise because you block bluff! Pocket 10 only 2 out if he call! Many better hand to bluff! Those card are not good to bluff! Check raise you rep set and two pair! Ace or Jack mean u less have those hand! King and queen is bad because you not check raise AQ/k and now he has two pair! 789345 is good for you! Your rep two pair and set on flop still ahead and no reduce combo!

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  1. Full ring too slow! Play 6 player or less! I change my hand depend on player! Sometime I raise all hand sometime I raise half hand! Depend on player! Player who raise pre too much and call station pre I 3bet anything and take down on flop! Player who tight pre and station post I 3bet tight never bluff!
  2. I look for good spot! Player who bet pot with bottom pair and ace hi I bluff with raise! Never bluff station! Bluff nit in spot no one else bluff! I look at board to see if I rep it!
  3. Both! You are smart guy!
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I play many table few player at once and figure out the player mind! I read it and destroy him! It depend on player! Some player I never bluff! and some always bluff those nit!

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I play elite stake MTT and all player is bad! Ring high stake player is better than MTT fish! MTT player still limp all hand this is not poker!

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Pretty much the strategy I use on ring tables- thanks!

So totally exploitative until you run across players with the ability to adapt. Excellent. Press the value lines with stations and the red line with nits.

Playing nits is easy so no explanation needed. When you play stations, what would you say are the best ways to build pots? Larger opens I’m sure but postflop, at what point are you looking to bet for value (HU and when multiway)? 2nd pair or better? Any pair + draws? Overcards with backdoor draws? I guess what I’m asking is where do you draw the line for value against stations? Where are you building pots vs pot-controlling? Lastly, what hand strengths are you looking to get all-in by the river? That last one is hard to answer because it depends on board texture so lets break it into static and dynamic boards if you can.

Thanks again for doing this. I will keep trying to dig deeper so long as you are willing to answer.

I guess we all have are own opinions but u say MTT is not poker and u play 6 seat ring tables. I play some high stake 6 seat tables and high stake 9 seat MTT and i view 9 seat MTT to be more real poker than 6 seat rings. I agree there is much more profit to capitalize on a 6 seat ring table because it lacks the competition that a high peep MTT has. If u like more competition i think a 9 seat MTT is much more competitive because u are not just studying and reading 5 other players but many different players and tables. I find there to be better players in high MTT than high rings. Players play more tight in general than rings. Just my experience and opinion. If i am going just for short time and just for chips and less competition than i would play the 6 seat rings. Both have different advantages tho depending on what u want to accomplish.

@gamergirI I wouldnt bluff here to hope to hit a set and get value from it obvly. My range from the SB as a raise here is like 9s+ and A10+ and KJs+ and KQo or something like that. When the flop AJ2 rolls of 10s is at the bottom of my range and if you want to play any kind of balanced strategy you will have to bluff here once in a while. I like a checkdown here but if the opponents have a tendency to bet when check to you just have to check raise a lot. So start checking AK, AQ, AJ and JJ to c/r to balance this out you will have to c/r hands like KJ, KQ and 10s here. Which hands would you say are better to bluff? And I think if this is your range 3-9 are not specially good cards for your range, The broadway 10-A are way better so I think these cards are a bit better for our range.

How would you play 10s here, always c/f?

If player is limp hand like AQ they are fish! No balance necessary! Bet JJ, AQ, AK, KQ Check Call AT KJ AA KK QQ AJ Check fold TT 99

If fish bet weak ace and pocket all street check raise AA AJ later hope they improve 2 pair and set for big cooler! If need balance turn KK QQ to bluff later block AK AQ. 3-9 are good card cause only hand improve when opponent call check raise to flop is a3-a9 and is still behind AJ JJ AA. A and J bad for you cause it block your value and now opponent no fold ace when you bluff TT! If opponent bet always when check to you protect by AT KJ AA KK QQ AJ!

Hence all player are fish you only in this spot cause they are fish so no balance!

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