Replay is all fish!

As you know I say all player who cannot make rank 200 in 14 days is fish! This mean all player > rank 6 on cash game is fish! I proofed I did it because I am the best and it even took me less than 14 days! I will now answer any question you ask it on how big fish someone is and how to beat fish! Remember anyone who make fake new ranking is biggest fish and replay mtt/sng player is also biggest fish. Hence, ask me now while you can!


this smells fishy :fish::fish::fish:
how can 2 players say they are the best, it’s just impossible. only one player at a time can be the best.
besides everyone on the site already knows i’m the best player ever anyway.

just to make clear, everyone who claims i’m not the best player here is bluffing, and accepting their statement means you got bluffed, so there is the proof that you are a fish if you disagree with my statement.


Well, I consider myself to be the second best player on this site…and, if you dispute this you are a Walleye…

Ok gamrgirl, u say anyone >6 on cash games is fish and u are the best player. I would like to know why the top 3 on replay list/leader board are not better than u and for each one why? because they are ahead of u as far as Bank. 2nd thing is u say >6 on cash games, so since u mentioned that then what do u think about the top consistent SitNgo players on the leader boards and the top consistent players on MTT leader boards compared to you? 3rd thing, how would u place in monthly SitNgo and MTT Leader boards if u played those for a full month or even 1 tourney? 4th thing is what do u think about the top Royal and Omaha Players on leader boards and how would u do on those? after u answer these questions which u told us to ask away, then i would like to know what makes the best over all player on here since all u play are rings? wouldnt the best player on here be the player that plays all the different games the best? look forward to hearing all your answers, ty

Or a mackeral

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@gamergirI: Can you please have a look at @1Warlock’s post here:

Unfortunately, @ilovecat didn’t care to answer his very interesting question. I would appreciate a detailed response.

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I am an amateur – what you would call a fish – but I know enough to know that freeplay changes the dynamics of the game. At the low stakes tables, at least, the value of many betting strategies (e.g., pre-flop raising, betting in position) are greatly diminished since there are many loosey-goosey players around here that will call with marginal hands or long-shot drawing hands. That doesn’t mean that these players are fish or poor players, but freeplay means that they can afford to take bigger risks than they would in a real cash game. I have been smoked off tables many times by people chasing the turn or the river. How do you beat that kind of play?

Hey @gamergirI - Thanks for the offer to answer players questions. If you are serious, this could be a fantastic opportunity for players here who wish to improve. I know I would love to ask questions about how you approach the game and certain situations. There are many players here who read the forums but do not post themselves for whatever reason. I would like to ask general questions and see if this thread can develop into a training manual of sorts, if you would be ok with that.

To all - I am going to beg people to let this thread develop into its full potential. If you have nothing to ask or nothing to add, would it be too much to ask you to just leave this one be? Once in a while its nice to have a thread that doesn’t devolve into a snarkfest. If you want to debate who and what is best and the measurements to be used, could you put it in another thread and let this one be used for instruction? If @gamergirI is willing to take her time to answer questions on how to play a better game here, can we show her the courtesy of allowing her to do so without excessive distractions? Even if you disagree with her statement about being the best, please don’t ruin this opportunity for people who genuinely wish to learn. There are plenty of threads to discuss and debate whatever you want to. I’d really appreciate it and I’m sure there are many others who would as well.

Back to questions - @gamergirI, you stated that you used to play cash on Pokerstars, correct? Would you mind giving some background on that? How long were you playing? What stakes / games? Why did you stop and come here, assuming you did stop?

Thanks again for making this offer. If it can stay on track and not devolve into a personality contest, I’m positive there are enough players who are willing to learn to make this one of the most valuable threads ever attempted. It is not often that someone is willing to take their success and share the mechanics with others and I commend you for it. As someone who enjoys both teaching and being taught, I’m looking forward to this.


I am not particularly inclined to give poker lessons to people who may eventually be playing against me but in this instance I feel compelled…you beat that kind of play with the fundamentals of basic good play: patience, proper opening hands for one’s position etc. Playing ABC poker will not get you to a rank 0f under 200 in 2 weeks but it will get you out of the small stakes games and you can then rise to whatever level you are capable of achieving…

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Depends…ring or tournament…if ring what is your stack and the stack of others in the hand…
If tournament, same question about stacks plus where are you in tournament relative to average chips and is it early middle or late in tournament…

I get your points (I’m a fish, but not a dumb one), but that is exactly the kind of fundamental play I was referring to. You can do all these things that you suggest – be patient, play strong starting hands, pick your spots to be aggressive – and still get beat plenty of times because of loose play. In large part, poker is a game of risk and risk management. The freeplay takes the risk away, which reduces the value of a lot of betting strategies, both pre- and post-flop.

On this site, there are a lot of what Doyle Brunson refers to as “calling stations” who are difficult to play against, since you can’t push them off a drawing hand with a pot sized bet or well-timed bluff. There are also a lot of what I refer to as “chip players” (called bingo players around here) who will often go all in pre-flop or make huge raises with little or nothing in the pocket to scare off their opponents. These types of players are taking a huge risk to either win a small amount or bait someone into making an undisciplined call. Both of these are cases of straight-up gambling, not poker. Of course, to win at poker involves some degree of gambling, but where skill comes into play is in choosing in what situations to gamble and which ones to get away from.

But I’m just a fish, so what do I really know!

How do u beat that type of play? well it depends on so many factors, rings or tourneys? stack size vs other stack sizes in the hand, if tourney where do u stand at what stage? what is your opening hand and what is the flop? how big is the buy in compared to your bank in tourneys? i dont have enough info to give u an accurate response. what u are talking about in general tho is being in a hand with straight draws and flush draws after the flop or turn. At that point it comes down to how many players are still in the hand and what do u have to his draw? Also knowing more people will call your bet to chase a straight or flush having a draw. You never mentioned if you had a nut flush draw too or had already flopped or turned a low flush knowing most others could turn up higher. You didnt mention whether u had 2 pairs,trips, a straight either. keep in mind most players wont go all in chasing a boat or quads if they know they need that to beat we are talking more about gut shots they are betting or calling to hit the river, not so much the turn. After all that being said as u can see their are too many variables, u have to much more specific on everything i mentioned and asked for anyone to give u an accurate analysis on how to handle ( those ) as u call them. The only way to stay at 100% no risk level in that hand is to fold, but i know u are looking for all the more detailed ways to beat those hands and capitalize on winning the hand or pot. if u want u can give the specifics of a hand and scenario and many of us can then give u a more detailed answer or response on our opinions of what to do. Great question but not enough info,


In my opinion this is a mandatory raise, TT/JJ dont play good multiway and are top 4% of best starting hands. No good player behind should ever have TT+ in his range so you only have to worry about the UTG limper. Assuming the UTG player is good his limps will be based towards suited connetors and small pairs. Which you are ahead of by a lot. Even if the UTG player raises and 3 people call his raise TT/JJ is still a mandatory raise here.


If people call to much pre you need to play a lot more tight then you normally do (so play fewer hands) and if you get a good hand raise big (they call anyway). You dont counter this type of play by playing more hands, which a lot of people seem to think is good to counter these passive callingstations. So raise big and a tight range and be a bit more value heavy
On the otherhand if people overfold raise up more hands preflop and bluff more.


For what it’s worth, I’ve gone up against GamerGirI, and the discussions I’ve had with her lend credence to her boasting. She has a strong intuitive sense of the game, has helped me break down my strategy and build it back up, and has made reasonable criticisms of specific plays that I’ve seen other people (including some of the highest-ranked players) make - not to mention my own. I’ll echo what other players here have said regarding her backing up her smack-talk with helpful guidance for some of the weaker players here.

This site is fairly “fishy,” and I don’t doubt my ability to climb into at least the top 100 if I hadn’t been distracted by certain pressing family matters earlier this year. I’ve learned a great deal from some of the players here - @gamergirI, @1Warlock, and numerous others - but she’s right that in general the players here are pretty weak. Then again, so are poker players in general, so it’s not like this site is particularly unique in that respect, even compared to pay sites.


Gamergirl, on your post u said that u will answer any question players ask and also said to ask now while they can. There are many questions that players have asked so far but no active response to any of them on your part. I thought this was the whole reason u started this topic, at least u describe it that way, for everyone to ask questions and for u to answer them. I guess im trying to find out if u still plan on answering all the questions asked so far and thereafter because i think many players are here for advice and feedback from you. So i hope everyone can have their questions answered by you and not others. look forward to hearing all your answers and advice, thanks

@NoBluf: Thank you for your answer. Could you please also elaborate on your post-flop strategy when you get called by say 2 or 3 after your raise from the SB? This depends of course a lot on the board texture. To keep it simple, let’s assume that it’s a fairly dry board with either 1 or 2 overcards to your TT. Say, (a) AJ2 rainbow or (b) K72 rainbow.

I’d also like to second @1Warlock’s request:

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Those player are good but I am only one to proof I make rank 200 in <14 day. I play least hand and time and still make rank 4 but those player above me are similar skill to me

All mtt and player are fish! I already sat it all competition in those game is worst on site and no good player play it

If I play mtt and sng of course I will be the number 1 but I don’t play it because player are too fish! In cash game player are fish but not as fish as mtt and sng!

Depend on image! If player is always raise Qq+ and some station too I go allin and fish call with pocket! Against better fish I raise 15BB and isolate!

To beat low stake go allin with good hand and the fish call with nothing!

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