Replay disconnects is why I won't play high stakes tourneys

I was disconnected 4 times in a tourney by Replay even though my internet connection was solid and all other pages were functioning including tourney lobby.

Took 10 minutes to reconnect the first time costing me over half my stack and then 3 more times until I was folded out just before the money.

That is ridiculous and is why I will not play any high stakes tourneys on Replay.

I get disconnected rarely in a ring table and always reconnects within a minute so there is no reason for it to take so long to reconnect in a tourney or to happen that frequently and Replay needs to address that issue please.

We haven’t received widespread reports of performance issues in tournaments vs. ring games, though it’s definitely odd that you’d be experiencing trouble with one and not the other. I forwarded this over to support so they can do some individual troubleshooting in case there’s something that can get things running more smoothly for you.

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Thanks Fizzy and I did also report it to support since it was very unusual and frustrating.

ADDED: Before anyone asks I have 4G high speed unlimited internet for my business and it rarely disconnects and it has an auto reconnect and notifies me if it does.

I also had online radio going which would stop playing if I disconnected.

The radio never stopped and I was not notified of any disconnect on my end and connection showed strong the entire time I was in the tourney with all other pages working.


I am regularly being disconnected while playing multi table tournaments. Happens all the time. Most annoying when I have a wining hand (LOL).
Like Bigdog everything else is solid but Replay keeps dropping out.
Tournament may take 1 hour to finish I drop out at least 20 times. Sit and wait to be reconnected and the game has moved on. Not happening to anyone else on the table.


Back in April I posted I was getting disconnected regularly even though my internet was working perfectly. Change from Chrome to Edge as suggested but no help.
The problem never went away but the disconnects decreased so I was not too worried, however the frequency of disconnects has come back with a vengeance. Sitting on a 9 player table I can not finish a round without being disconnected.
Doing a search on your forum it appears I am not the only player so affected.
It seems a fairly common occurrence and it also seems to me the advice given to players to get rid of the problem is not working.
Methinks your Support team needs to have good look at this and come up with some concrete answers. There is a problem lots of people are reporting it Replaypoker is the common link. Not happening on any other site I or the other players use.
Cheers and thanks

Moving from Chrome to Slimjet made all the difference in the world for me.



Thanks for the reply. Sounds marvellous. Never heard of it. Will definitely check it out.