Replay chance country bounderies

i live in eindhoven, netherlands. But some days ago is eindhoven part of Malta as i can see on the flag beside my name . what happened?

The flag is shown from the country where the ip address is located.

Hope that helps.

hallo craig, tx for the reply.
I was in eindhoven, holland, and i am still there. so i do not know why my ip adres has chanced. I was once in Malta about 5 years agoo
last week i had some hollidays on a camping, but also in Holland

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You’re welcome. Over the last couple of months there have been other players posting about the same thing. I’ll try and find it for you.

Found it if you would like to read it. Click the link.


So playing through a VPN could change your flag?


I saw this problem last week many times on the tables. Country and flag of known players changed. A player from Kanada lives now in Spain says the App, …
I have this problem not, and if I change my VPN to Mexico, then Replay shows me on next log in as German player again. VPN changes nothing.


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That’s not true !

I tested it one hour ago, and VPN didn’t change my country. Peoples write it changes, other write it changes not.
But the problem here is players use no VPN, and the App shows the wrong country. And this started >2 month ago. Many players had it.


Some does some don’t. As long as it doesn’t reflect on the poker game I really don’t care. I play from all over the world when I travel.

hello craig
it is not a big issue for me and it doesn’t affect my playing.
I just noticed it and reported
i will see wat happens
tx for your reaction

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My pleasure.

I think your flag only updates when you sign in. I was in the US last week and my flag was showing as American for a few days after I got back home. I notice it only reset back to Canada only after logging in again.

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hallo craigh
i did a complete startup of the computer and i got my dutch flag back


Excellent news :+1:t2:

Thanks for the update!

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For me who choose my friends according to their flag, it’s important they reflect reality !

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Try reading this thread for fixes on country flags.

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I can not undestand why Replay uses the IP-adress to show the flag where a people come from and not the country from the user-data.
And if I move for a week to France and play from there, then I want Replay shows me in this week as a German player too, and not as a player from Berlin, France.

My VPN allows me to set it for virtually anywhere in the world. I’ve set it for certain places in that don’t allow online poker and then I can’t visit some of the online poker sites. Yet, I’m still sitting in the same chair at home.