Replay By Action/Street

I frequently use the replay functionality to review hands that I’ve played, and would like the ability to cycle through any given hand by street (preflop/flop/turn/river), and/or by action within any given street. There are often times I’ll want to review my decisions on the turn/river based on previous bet sizes, and it’s annoying to have to wait through earlier, less-interesting preflop and flop decisions. Adding the ability to pause a replay would also be incredibly helpful.

Alternatively/additionally, it might help to list the actions taken during the hand, perhaps below/at the bottom of the “Hand Info” section. An example using this hand could look like this:
Hercules1000: Fold
marklou: Fold
weslan: Fold
nicola72: Fold
tenball: Call 1650
WannabeCoder: Check
Flop: ThQcAh, Pot 3,900
tenball: Bet 3,900
WannabeCoder: Call 3,900
Turn: 7s
tenball: Check
WannabeCoder: Check
River: 6d
tenball: Bet 1,500
WannabeCoder: Call 1,500
tenball wins 14,700 chips with Pair, Tens

I completely understand that there’s a long list of site upgrades, and this (new addition?) may be at the bottom of the priority list. That said, I think it would be a significant value-add, and may not require much additional back-end work.


Hey @WannabeCoder - just saw this and since it hadn’t been replied to yet, I thought I’d tell you what I heard about this very same thing. The site thinks this is a high-priority item once the conversion to HTML5 is complete. If I remember correctly, this is one of the improvements @Chasetheriver is most eager to implement.


Fast Forwarding Replays

Hope this helps.

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@Maya, yes, this is exactly what I was looking for. Sorry I hadn’t seen it earlier.

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