Repay Poker Honest, Fair, Online Site in the United States?

Battle his this guys name. I have QQ He has like 4spades and seven of clubs. Q ans two clubs om flop. River is another club ok now theres a flush on table. but he only has one club and nothing else. Not even a pr. I made a 300,000 Thousand bet. And he calls??? Why He has about 6-8 percent chance of hitting. And trust me Ive made those calls as well. But not at 306,000 thousand dollar bet. Now really you expect me to believe that he did not know what the next card was going to be??? Come Paul I;m not stupid, this happens every day on your site. I can assure you it does not go down like this on the the other four sites I play. …Just saying and after you take the time to watch this, If you even do. I would love to hear your explanation that is truthful and somehow makes me believe you. Thanks for your help in this matter…


David Ingram

P.S. BigDave 62 is my user name

I can understand your frustration for getting called david, but for whatever reason this player took that call.

There’s absolutely no way to see another player’s cards, it’s 100% technically impossible and even the administrator/staff/technical team have absolutely no way to do it. Honestly, there’s just not even a possibility of it happening.