Remove Same IP Blocks?

This will probably never be read by devs and I’m sure most of the community will disagree.

But… seriously, do we really need to block two people from the same IP address for FREE poker? Okay, as I’m writing this I see other similar topics have popped up.

The short version: I just taught my girlfriend (who lives in the same house as me) to play poker for the first time ever within the last week, and we both registered here. We’re just trying to have fun and do something new together and we can’t even get into the same game…

First, its not IP block…

You able play on mtt able, but not on ring as you may noticed.

BTW, its nothing free. For you, may be free, with bonuses.
If you chip-dump, communing, they will catch you and may the chips confiscated and/or IP ban. So, even you able play at mtt tables, just be carefull what you do on “free” sites.
Also, keep the rules is necesery to keep play fair and realistic.

(Edit, wrong way around)

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Thanks for the reply.

Regarding the IP block, I believe you are incorrect. We attempted to play a ring game on “Connemara Lake 2” at the 5/10 stakes. This is the message that shows up in the dealer window: “Dealer: Sorry, you can’t sit at this table because another player with the same IP address is already sitting here.” We haven’t attempted SnG’s or MTT’s at all (though I would like to).

What do you mean by “its nothing free?” While I do see there are options for chip purchases, I’m going to assume less than 10% are spending money (the average for in-app purchases).

I understand keeping games fair, but this is absolutely too strict for play chips.

If I remember correctly you should be able to play MTT’s together as long as there are more than 10 players registered ( not sure if it’s 10 , maybe a little more )

Players playing from the same IP can not play at the same ring game table, but they can register for the same MTT with 10 or more registered players.
A lot of players who play from the same household are honest, but not all, that is why players from the same household can not play at the same ring game table.

Its what im telling to players who call as (donations) as bad players and laugh at us because we buy chips and pay for they “free” play, can be any option to block this players for a month, and then if he still didn’t learn anything for next 3 month, if it’s still not work, for 6 month if it’s still tell ■■■■ at us , so just delete his account and block IP? I don’t like to support their “free play” and they call me in bad way.

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Thank you for people like you who support RP and make this free for the rest of us!
Some actually bought chips just support the site. Some , like moderators and translaters work free on the site.