Remove Friend Button

When on the page of a friend’s profile, the 3 buttons showing are Remove Friend, Send Message, and Report Player.

The Remove Friend and Send Message buttons are so close to each other that with a simple slide of the pointer one could end up clicking on Remove Friend when trying to send a message.

The problem is, when you click on Remove Friend, you don’t get another chance to confirm (like a pop-up saying are you sure you want to remove this person, or anything similar). The friend is immediately removed and you can no longer send them a message unless you send a new friendship request and wait for them to accept.

This is frustrating especially when your only way to contact someone is through replay and you’re no longer able to do it until you both add each other all over again.

Could there be an easy solution to this issue even before the move to HTML5? Either separate the 2 buttons in a way where a wrong click doesn’t end up removing the friend (maybe put the Report Player button in the middle and the Send Message on the side), or add an extra step after clicking on Remove Friend that confirms the action, so that if it’s clicked by mistake, one can still cancel it.

Thank you


This is a very basic UI design issue that should be a no-brainer to fix. Good suggestion.


Wouldn’t it be great if we had a “Remove Person” button in real life?


There would be nobody left :joy::joy::joy:


I should be careful what I ask for or the conversation in my house might go like this:
“Mom, where did daddy go?”
“Well, Alexa has a new function sweetie. And that reminds me, ‘Alexa, order batteries’.”


This is a good idea, as we most certainly don’t want people unfriending each other on accident! It’s definitely something that isn’t tied to HTML 5 since it doesn’t involve the tables. Our dev team is a bit of “all hands on deck” with the project, so it still might not be a high priority, but I’ve added it to the list and is likely something we can change sooner rather than later. :slight_smile:


If you remove a friend, where do they go?

To the “removed friends limbo” :wink:

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