Is anyone else getting a lot of Reload requests? It seems every day I get several telling me to reload my browser for changes to Replay. I do the Reloads but have not noticed any changes… but could be just me.

No for me…
What browser you use? Are you updated the flasplayer?

This year RP change to HTML5 (hopefully) then less problems like this.

having the same issue

Same here

Is the ring tables or MTT? Some more info? Maybe? Just a bit to help to track it?

Me too get same problem several times but not noticed any changes

Why is pp whining only and no info?

hand number?
flash player?
It is wired or wireless internet?
Do you, or do you not play other table or do you use flash for something else?
( Use of ABP (Add Plock Plus) would eliminate the adds you see on facebook, and other websites) Would greatly help you make your system work faster.
Be ignorant just post here again:
Then you cannot exept help from anyone in this galaxy.
bb lol

Me 2, was playing RG and got 2 reloads messages in 20 minutes this was 5 minutes ago using IE 10 flash is updated been doing this for over a week now, hope this helps

Mine was on tourneys.

LOL! That is rude Marcipan. I didn’t think of this as whining, just curious if others were having same issue & as to why it continues.
My flash player is up to date as is my browser which is Chrome but also use Opera & E at times… Have no problem with speed or booting issues at the moment.It is a wireless laptop but is fully charged as keep it plugged in. Have no idea of ABP as have not needed such critter.

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Don’t want to give more info after that one. Learn to be polite and then maybe I’ll add some. [quote=“RavenLenore, post:1, topic:3402”]
Is anyone else getting a lot of Reload requests?

That was the original question. Before trying to troubleshoot might as well know how many users are affected. On that note I’ll give my info (which btw are not too hard to find) to someone a little bit less arrogant.

Since I already know your answer which again is : “wait till the new client” I won’t even bother…

For other people who’ve been kind enough to answer Raven’s question without any misplaced sarcasm I’d recommend using any Linux distribution that you find suits your needs and use chromium, works well for me.

Chrome the best for now for RP.
Try wired, you would see better/faster gameplay.

You lold, and a lil bit of rudenes give some info in the end. :wink: Besides… its true. pp dont like truth.

ABP is the best , anyone who installed , cant go without after… Worth a test load a same page with it and without it. Then you see. For me, last year 768129 blocked adds.



@KySnakeByte try chrome, you need re-install flash for that.

Let replay management reply regarding this issue

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Same issue 2 me also (re load) & in addition ‘ run out of time’ is also appearing ,much interruption is
causing.Net here is O.K

management has to clarify this issue.One more problem is message receiving that you have to sign first even though loged in and signed tournament is not getting registered

just the MTT games

@ladyone64 yes , more likely on MTT , lots of player put heavy load on the server.

@LOKENDRA they probbly wont.
1, They did already.
2, You may notcied, this is a “Community Forums” , not support site from RP ( they may respond time to time, probably when soo bored work on HTML5, give to answear some nonsense.)
3, As you see, no point make the old flash work faster, as the html5 on the way…
If you not understand how flash work, how difficult make it on all browse, OS and more, I suggest Google a good start.

fwiw, I’ve seen reload prompts in my lobby page but it hasn’t affected my tournament play. (Playing on PC using Chrome)

I’ve seen it on my dashboard several times in the past few weeks. Once during a MTT.