Relay please build a chat application into the poker room for private chats

Asking for an enhancement where relap product team / app developers can build a custom chat / IM application on right UI nav of a poker room so you can have private chats with those in the room. it would be bad ACE! Thank you! good Luck!


Hi HBya,
If you scroll down from your avatar on the Dashboard you will see that Replay already provides private tables, where you can invite your firiends and have private chats.
Hope this helps.


This is not what I am saying. What I am saying is to have a similar but private chat capability into the poker room you’re playing. They regular Inbox chat is super slow, it needs to be fast like a regular IM tool. Like MS Teams or SLACK etc. This chat needs to be a part of a poker room privately. People would love it.

please send knowledge article for what you’re saying on this, not sure where to find it

Here you go:

Private chat while the hand is being played ? Sounds like another way to cheat. Bad Idea.


okay make it for lower tables. merely a way to chat with a friend, not bad intentions here. this is free chip play anyhow. this is more a social platform as well

If I was that sinister then I would off platform via teams/slack/gmail/ etc

That sounds too much like a way for some nefarious activity. I don’t know why a private chat at a table would be so important.

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again maybe it is only for trivial match… if you don’t think like a nefarious person, it is a nice feature for regular players. again this is a free poker site, nothing in essence is nefarious. but I like how you are paranoid.

btw game moves so fast people wouldn’t be able to use in a negative way

plus other players would not need to hear your chatter win win

of all the things this site could use…private chats isn’t one of them IMO


I’m not paranoid, I’m a United States Marine just looking out for Replay Poker. I don’t know what your intentions are with this because you never said your end game.

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I appreciate your services as a marine. But intentions is simple to privately chat. There was innocents behind this request, but I do see your points. I definitely who not want this feature of higher levels of play, but lower levels who cares IMO. All good just a thought.

btw your opinion has nothing to do with the protection of replay, it is just a free poker site. plus Mods have this capability why not all.

LOL if anything nefarious activity would generate more revenue for replay poker, knocking more players out. LOL

Albeit a good player will win no matter what.

If you want to talk to a player privately. just pm them


A Good player will win no matter what ? Where do u get a idea like that ? A cheater will win if not stopped from playing, that’s why they cheat , they have to win !

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