Registering to tournament and then notice you're not in it?

Registered on Bleeding me today and lobby registered me in and i could have even unregister if i wanted. Then when i get back 2 min later i see that late register is closed and the tables aren’t even full. This has happened couple times before, but have been able to late register to them after tournament started. This feels really irritating and don’t know that does this bug even take my buy in 2 times when i’ll be able to register to tourney. :frowning:

Hey separi…

Let me try and understand what’s going on.

First off, are you using the current or new website?

So you late registered, and you think you could have unregistered even?

When you say the tables aren’t even full, do you mean seats at the table are empty?

How do you mean by taking your buy-in twice? Did you register twice?


  1. I used link in table to open lobby i think

  2. I mean that i registered to tournament 10 min before it even started, and when lobby accepts your registeration it tells that you can unregister of it.

  3. There was 3 tables, 2 six players in and seven player table and i have played bleeding me’s before so i know its 9 players at full table.

  4. I mean that i didn’t check that did rp take my chips when i originally registered on tournament and when i see that im not in and register again in late registeration it takes chips of my account that i am sure. (Checked last time when i could late register, but since this time i couldn’t for some reason i don’t know if it took my chips when i registered 10 min before tournament started)

I hope this helps, it is very frustrating when you register in tournament and check everything is ok and when tournament starts ur name has been disapeared from players list and you’re just out of it somehow? THX in advance Paul :).

Edit1: 1) When rp calls that Bleeding Me 75k starts with link i clicked it to clarify.

This is really helpful separi. Did you use the new website at with the new red/black design, or the current website at ?

I was on old one at the time.

Edit 1: I take sceenshot before tourney so i can post it if it happens again… I’ve played quite a lot tourneys and it has happened only like 3-4 times in past month.

There is 20% reserved for the late registration’ (min 4 seats) If the tourney start with 20 players and in 2 mins 4 players registered in late registration, the late registration is closed. It is not when the free seats are filled up, but when the reserved seats are filled up.

Ah ok, that explains things… Thx happi, but that doesnt still tell why i got kicked out of tournament in first place.

True, and it is strange, maybe if you know what day and what tourney it was they can see if you got back your buy-in when you was kicked out (or if you paid twice)

I posted the topic asap when was left out of tourney.