Referral not going through

I sent a referral to a friend, but they never got it. So I tried going back and re-sending it. However, the invite a friend option was crossed out. Is there a way to re-send, so I can still get the bonus as well as them?

If the same household , its auto disabled. You cant have it. As RP raised the chip count to referrals, the cheaters increased too, avoid thet, its disabled. This NOT mean you may cheat, just mean its no way to find out who is who. In the interest of legit players and RP itself, thets the best way. Try referral other friends, then report back. Get free chips from the “bank” if you run out or earn it as rewards. Sorry Official : "Invite Friends

For every friend you invite who joins ReplayPoker, we’ll give both you and your friend 10,000 bonus play chips, up to a maximum of 600,000! Please note that invites from the same household are excluded from this offer and bonus chips will only be awarded when the invited player activates their account."

But we only do this as a way to stop players from cheating by signing up lots of fake email addresses to get free chips. If it’s legit then that’s fine, just send an email to Andrew at to contact Andrew and he’ll add the bonus manually."