Referral credit not recieved after several requests to resolve!

2 referrals both accepted and given accounts and have played on here ,yet 1 is still showing invalid ???how can a player be accepted and invalid ???Seems like 1 or the other should apply not both wtf?/?

Hi johnnygunn

It is better to send an email with all the info to

They can see what happened.

Greetings and Merry Christmas. Happiness.

A referral is invalid if it’s detected from the same household. Unfortunately we need to place this restriction to help avoid players gaming the system and gaining lots of chips just by referring themselves over and over again. If you genuinely are sending to another member of your family, please email us at with all the details and we’ll do our best to help.

What do i need to do to make sure im credited

Hi Boka

I’m not sure you get a notification about it.

If not, maybe it is a good idea to send a noticication the same time when the bonus is added to your bank. I’ll pass it to the staff.

You just need to make sure that you use the invite options available on your invite friends page here: - as long as the friend registers and activates their account, and they don’t live in the same household, you and your friend will be credited with the bonus chips and we’ll notify you when you visit ReplayPoker that you’ve received the bonus.

i have stated repeatedly this is my wife

Didnt i wrote an email to support for you johnnygunn? And if i remember well you got the chips.

Boka and Happiness,

Both players are notified inside the site when the invited player activates his/her account. The notification shows the amount of chips received and his/her username.

You can also check invitations statuses at:

Regards, Luiz

true thanks this must have come from previous request,over same issue.please mark this resolved.again, thank you .