Rectify this Please

I was playing the 6p.m. Mad Express tourney today. The game was nl holdem. During hand # 86917248 I was dealt 2 cards. There was a very long pause as 1 player had become disconnected. When the game resumed, I was dealt 2 more hole cards. This confused me, but then I thought, “oh, the game is called Mad Express…that must mean they change games so you’re playing different games in the same tourney periodically.” No, I have never played Mad Express before because of the buy-in amount. Anyway, I had QQ22 in the hole, and 2,K,J,J,3 came up on the board, giving me a full house, 2s full of Js. I didn’t win the hand, and lost my entire stack as 2 other players were all in. A person won with 3 of a kind, Js.

I know there have been problems on this site, and I don’t want to be a victim of this one. I would appreciate getting by 10K stake chips back, because my hand was seriously misrepresented to me, and it was not me fault or a stupid decision of mine to go all in with the full house I had.

Thank you. RUFFian47

Hi RUFFian47,

Very sorry for the bizarre behavior during this tournament. We had a few random issues over the weekend after our database server crashed on Friday night. I’ve gone ahead and refunded the buy-in to your account and I’ve also passed your comments along to our tech team so they can investigate this issue further.

Thanks for your patience and understanding during these difficulties.

Cheers, Lesley