Recruiting Renegades

Cheers Folks

I’m currently in a league that Sharon_smarty organized. The league’s called Dream Weaver Team. It is a team based league, where team members play and can pass chips and help members of the team without breaking replay’s rules.

I’m trying to construct a new team, there are currently 3 teams the Con_artists, The Outlaws, and the Pirates. I’m wanting to add a team to the mix called the Renegades and I’m in need of may 10 or more quality players such as yourself.

Currently about 45-60 players total play each event. The league plays Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday @ 9:30pm EST. The only requirement to be a team member is to show up at least 50% of the time (2 nights a week!).

Please let me know if you’d like to join a my team, shooting to start the new team Nov 1st. It’s only a 5000 chip buy-in per game as it’s all for fun not for status. I don’t care your rank, I just care that you like to have fun playing. I have to tell you I enjoy this league more than any I’ve had the pleasure to be in.

-Larry_Laffer (Larry)


Above is the team logo.

If we’re not friends here on replay, please just request me (Larry-Laffer) as a friend and message me your interest in joining. thank you in advance.


If anyone is friends with me and wants to join the Renegades , message me and I will hook you up with Larry ! Good luck Larry , looking forward to adding a new team to the mix .


We should also mention we have a game on Tuesday’s called casual Tuesday , this game does not count for points and is for anyone who may be interested in trying a team game before committing . We talk openly during that game to help players learn team play.


Getting a few members , great . Anyone wanting to watch a team game to see how it is played can find games in the drop down beside your picture , click on Leagues and then Dream Weaver Team.


We also have Casual Tuesdays for those who are interested, and don’t know the passing technique.
That way you can learn before you play, if you are not familiar with the passing to team mates.
It starts at 8:30 central time, it to will be in the league section, under Dream Weaver and will have the correct time for where you are located, You can play Casual Tuesdays anytime you want, to brush up on your passing skills. Hats off to you Larry, you will make a great team captain, and you chose a awesome team logo, look forward to playing with you. Love the logo


Sorry Sharon, didn’t see you already posted about casual Tuesdays.


Good game last night and good turn out , was great for the Renegades to have their 1st practice game !


Still looking for members folks. If you know anybody who would like to join a fun league, please send them my way…


Larry, friend TonyMason, he will tell you whats up, and is interested.
been asking peeps, still trying to help you get your league staffed.


hello, cela a l’air super sympa et je souhaite volontiers rejoindre votre team.
salutations à tous et une bonne fin de journée.
hello, this looks super nice and I would gladly join your team.
greetings to all and a good end of the day.


Please send a friend request to Larry_Laffer and I have sent you a friend request.Thanks for showing interest in the team and league.

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I have sent you a friend request. Would be great to have you on the team.

Thank You


Welcome to the Renegades TonyMason !


I would like to join Renegades if possible. Thanks


please friend request me, (Larry_Laffer) and I get you going.


p.s. Actually I just sent you a friend request.



I’ve played before and its a fun and unique poker event. I’d like to show interest to join your team. My only concern is I’m not sure i’d be able to commit regularly to 2 games every week. I’m in Australia and the timezone is usually an issue. My Saturday and Sunday (Au) = Sunday and Monday (USA) is the time I’m most flexible & available to play.

From my perspective the more players that join your team the better, even if they cant commit to 50% of the games.

I like the idea of having a more casual game for players to learn also. I would like to see practice (private) tables on RP where all players could play face up and discuss how to play, practice and learn etc.

I played a while ago but lost interest bc too many players either didnt know/understand how to play TEAM rules OR just ignored the TEAM rules and played for themselves only. IMO that totally ruins the game and my desire to play this TEAM poker game.

Send me a PM if my half :unicorn: commitment will work. GL with your new TEAM!


Messaged you DoW :slight_smile:

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Welcome the newest members to the Renegades:


Still room for more folks, get in it to win it!!!


Welcome yet another Renegade to the team KelleyDT !


A big welcome to TonyMason, keepinitreall, DogsOfWar , KellyDT and Joe_Comedian