Recognizing the most Improved Players, Monthly in Low, Med & High Stakes

Recognizing the most Improved Players, Monthly in Low, Med & High Stakes

I believe this would be a great incentive for all to be recognized for our efforts, while improving our game. It could be with chips or just as a notice for us all, as a competition to improve our play in the games, here at Replay

What are your thoughts or concerns, please?


If you recognize me with a beer, I will endorse you for life.

It’s worth a thought I guess, but how would the improvers be tracked, automatically or by individuals monitoring everybody’s ranks?

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How do you differentiate the “most improved player” from the luckiest bingo player or bridgejumper?

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Well that’s easy because bingo players never make it to the paying positions in tournaments playing the way they do.


The key to reasonably fair ranking system is to have ROI (return on investment) included in the rank-table.

To include, and rank “freeroll tourneys” in line with buy-ins, one can add a nominal 1,000 chip tournament fee for the rankings, while keeping them free.

ROI is a neutral, and easy to understand way, to measure poker skills. It eliminates bingo luck, and relativates chip gains by high-rollers vs common people. Further, it also balances “volume of play” distortions from the rankings.

Now, I am not suggesting that leader-board pay-outs should be ranked by ROI, as that would raise a host of other issues of fairness, purpose, raison d’etre etc…

But, I am saying that if I’d look to set-up a team of good players, ROI would be my go to place.

Also, it is, as far as I understand, fairly easy addition to already existing ranking systems.

My 2 cents, but no guarantee on its present day value.

It’s a nice thought but I don’t see that taken seriously. You’ll get more players but you have to ask yourself “ what kind of players “ Most of us don’t need a pat on the back for good play. We already the good players from the bad and we certainly don’t need more “ all in “ players using the luck factor.

If we were only talking about tournaments, the best way to measure performance improvement would be to calculate “in the money” percentage and compare it to the previous time period. Then you set a minimum qualifying number of tournaments (Similar to baseball and batting crowns). This way you, normalize out buy in levels, size of field, and total number of tournaments played and replay can already classify the tournament as low, medium or high stakes and only count those tournaments. A player improving from 8% to 16%. ROI is a great way to measure long term performance (yearly) but in the short term (monthly) it can be significantly skewed by a single result.

The other issue is how do you measure and weigh MTT, SNG, and ring game performance or keep would you keep each separate?

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All this sound good , but how & who could keep track of it all. Sounds like a full time job to me and not sure it is worth the trouble .

The tracking would have to be automatically and I would suggest by only tracking chips won.

In my experience, even a lucky bingo player will not prevail by the end of a tournament

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I think Replay has been doing this ever since I’ve been here. See the Toplists MTT’s page. The top player on the list has dominated the category “Most Chips Won” for several years.

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Thanks @smooth99 , for the reminder, hopefully it would be easy for Replay to automatically separate by stakes levels on a month to month basis!!! I believe this would give all players incentive to play the games even more than they do now and a Huge incentive for new players to improve their ranks.

@smooth99 , found it and thank you for the information. Indeed the info needed already exists in the system for MTT’s and perhaps that would be a way to get started. Look forward to other responses!

|1. AA–Suited|12,247,118,020 chips|
|2. zeker58|8,231,036,853 chips|
|3. MadisonL|6,413,760,754 chips|
|4. county29|6,221,713,361 chips|
|5. olepop|5,837,162,651 chips|
|6. Troobedoo|5,355,608,619 chips|
|7. dt24|4,979,208,246 chips|
|8. AlmostLive|4,912,228,279 chips|
|9. SlowMucker|3,951,618,570 chips|
|10. Oldguy2e|3,852,998,081 chips|

I just remembered something about the Toplist leader in the “Most Chips Won” category. I think (s)he changed their name handle because for years it was someone else’s name and then one day it was a new leader and the old name just disappeared. The current leader was not even on the prior listing when this happened.

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That shouldn’t an issue, unless they change name every 30 days, right?

Again, I think Replay already does something like this. Go to the Promotions Page and scroll down to Leaderboards & Leagues, then Regular Leaderboards which separates MTT’s by type of games and levels of Low, Medium and High. It shows a player’s standing by month and for the year.

In previous years, you could review prior years but noticed they’ve discontinued it.


Thanks again for the info, I was thinking originally about overall improvement of the players rank on a monthly basis, decided on chips won and to be posted monthly.

Regular Leaderboards which separates MTT’s by type of games and levels of Low, Medium and High. It shows a player’s standing by month

However this only shows MTT’s and doesn’t include ring games, sng’s or quick play. It also doesn’t show the monthly percentage of the increase of board spots. To determine the most improved player, wouldn’t you need to know how many spots the player’s increased for that month and include all Replay games?

My thinking of the process to display the most improved Replay player by month in all three stakes levels, would be:
Total chips won in all Replay games combined for the current month, counting the positive difference compared to the previous month and creating the leaderboard in all three stakes levels with that info.

Too many moving parts my friend. The servers can only take so much as we’ve seen already.
Let’s have a smooth running site first with no problems.