Recieved a message stating I recieved 7000 pts. for being a member for 2 yrs. but never got them. Never showed up in my account

I am not receiving chips when i hit my awards milestones. I think this has happened more than once, could u look into this 4 me ?

Hi dugefresh

I’ll ask Andrew to check it, you are member for 1 year now, not for 2 year. So not sure what went wrong.

Greetings Happiness.

The time to add the chips for awards can be a day l8er. ( this was before, dont know if it s correct)

Hi dugefresh.

Andrew checked it for you. Probable it confused you that the Award was level 2 and for for being member for 1 year. The 1 year Award shows on your profile, you got it on Oct 8th and you received the same time 7000 chips. I copy the log of it for you here.

Created at Username Reason Change Description Operation Total Chips Oct 08, 2013 21:08 dugefresh award 7,000 Time Spent On Site Award - Level 2 deposit 13,326

Hope it makes it more clear. Greetings Happiness.