I play a lot of cash tournaments and all of them allow players to re-enter the tournaments up to a certain level if they are knocked out early…

Why isn’t this allowed on Replay?

Replay offers some rebuy MTTs.
They vary from unlim till 1st break, to 1 rebuy, or 3 rebuys.
Check the MTT lobby , they are there …


Most RP rebuy tournaments are low-stakes bingo-fests. I haven’t played any of the higher-stakes rebuy tourneys, so I can’t comment whether the crazy 50+ BB jam with any two cards atmosphere exists at those as well, but because of the quality of play I stopped playing the format a long time ago.

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Having rebuys just encourages silly play in the early stages. In real cash tournaments you have to pay with real money to enter more than one time, so obviously that benefits the tournament organizers. In addition in live tournaments players may have traveled some distance to take part in tournament, set aside the whole day, and so on, so they already have a lot invested.

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I believe Replay is trying to replicate the Casino experience…not tailor their site to “free play”… they take a rake, again, why not allow rebuys?

( I understand that the same people who whine about people entering late would also whine about this but they are in the minority)

They could at least take a poll and see how many players favor this…

@county29 ,
While I do favor some MTTs to have rebuys, I certainly do not believe the majority ( +50% ) should have rebuys. The best place for rebuy players is ring tables, you can keep playing dumb cards well… till you’re broke if you care to.

Some other prestigious Tournaments don’t even offer Late reg either. As well, SnGs are also considered Tournys, yet there are 0… zero Rebuys in SnGs. Thats basically the difference between tournys and rings… you can’t just plunk down more chips and keep playing just cause you wanted to play 2-4 suited and lost.

I too like the occasional Rebuy MTT here @ Replay, I even like to play the 500 B&R alot… but if I play in ANY way for real $$$$, I will not be playing with rebuys. So other than maybe 10% of MTTs offering them, count me in the column of ppl that reject across the board rebuys in MTTs.

(( @County29 , maybe instead we should change rings, so there’s only 1 buyin amount, and if you bust … you lose your seat and must re-seat… lolol… Make it just a tad harder to just shove/rebuy on a ring table… hmmm ??? ))