Rebuys in tournaments

why does replay poker not let you rebuy at a lower level in a tournament when you have the the money to rebuy at the lower level but not at the higher level. If you try to rebuy at the higher level and don’t have enough chips the game kicks you out and you you lose. why does it kick you out of the game instead of letting you rebuy at the lower level?

Ahoy! And that’s a good question.

The short answer is, not all tournaments allow rebuys! Here’s a longer, more informative answer about what’s happening:

Here’s a quick screenshot from the Lobby showing rebuy and non-rebuy tables.

The cool thing is, this lets you tailor your experience! You get to pick and choose your favorite types. =)

I understand that not all tournaments allow rebuys. Of the ones that do, that is where i had the question. I understand that it is my responsibility to know how many chips i have and whether i can afford the rebuy or not. But If for some reason I make a mistake and try to do a 3000 chip rebuy when i can only afford a 1500 chip rebuy, does it make me end the game instead of letting me rebuy at the lower level.

You mean you ticked the double re-buy and you couldn’t afford that but you could afford the single re-buy?


Oke, thanks, i write a report of it, that when you have only chips to re-buy once you should get only the possibility to rebuy once. Not sure if it is possible, but it makes sense.