Rebuy tournys

When you go out of a tourny, there should be an option to rebuy up to a certain level. I’ve not seen this on any other topics…is there a reason for this? It adds to the prize-pool and makes the tournys last a bit longer.

Im not up to date with the tournaments set up, but I think this future will be added, becouse its on the


Thanks for the suggestion deadmansout. It’s a standard feature on real-money poker sites, and we absolutely want to add it to Replay. Once we finish sorting out the performance and stability issues with the growing popularity of the site, it’ll definitely be a feature we’ll look to add, hopefully later in 2014.

I like the rebuy option for “real” play because there is an obvious risk.

On a play site I see potentially people just saturating the already diluted game play even more.

What’s the risk if you’ve already amassed millions in play chips?

Now, you can just sit back and play risk free because you know you can rebuy as many times as you like until you get the desired results. It also extends the tournament.

A suggestin from me would be to just include tourneys that have them and leave the ones that don’t.

That way people have a choice.

A compromise would be to just add only one rebuy per tourney. Tournaments already go a bit long.

I was thinking that one or two rebuys would be the maximum anyway. A re-entry option could also be considered, one re-entry per tourny.

Also, rebuys could only be an option upto a certain level, say after 5 blind increases, the option is removed,

I do know what you mean about the tournys already being to long. Well, not too long, but the blind increases would have to be slowed down as they do go up rather rapidly.

Maybe only consider it for the higher level tournys where fewer people play.