Rebuy Tournaments

hi hi everyone!!!
am curious what members think of tournaments with “rebuy”, specially at low buy-ins
the fact that rebuys are offered, seems to effect the play of many?



Hi Krista,

I’m told that rebuy tournaments can be fun and profitable. Having said that, I don’t particularly enjoy the format and so I don’t play.

Our very own @Sassy_Sarah wrote a really good post about rebuy tournaments that you might enjoy reading:



I enjoy the rebuy format. Only the first 20 minutes are bingo fests. After that the game settles down for normal play, and those who bingo after the rebuy period has passed usually don’t make it very long. I like the chance to go wild and try to build a chip count I might not be able to establish without some aggressive play. When I don’t augment my chip count sufficiently, at the break I leave because there’s no way I can make it past the bubble.


I have played a few of these and they can be fun. The strategy is to shove with any reasonable hand early on until you win a huge pot, then if you can repeat this two times, you can slow down, fold everything except AA and KK and wait for the rebuys to stop, and then try to play normal poker. But you definitely need to commit to making unlimited rebuys to get a stack or drop out.

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I agree. It’s fun to just let loose in the rebuy period.