Rebalancing in MTT needs to chill

Rebalancing in MTT play has gotten ridiculous for me recently.

In the last two MTTs I’ve played in, I got bounced around in the first one to 4 different tables. I wasn’t even in the tournament that long, only about 20 minutes.

The one I’m in currently, I’m on my 3rd table already, and I didn’t even sit at the second table long enough to play a hand. I got in unable to play from the small blind, then rebalanced away to a new table after a big hand went down between two other players.

I’d like to know how the rebalancing algorithm works, because it feels very wrong to get balanced that many times that quickly. There ought to be some kind of mitigating rule in effect, that you have to complete an orbit before you can get moved to another table again. Or something.

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lol me too. it seems I am always stuck on one table and hardly get moved.

An improvement to the rebalancing algorithm might be to add in a conditional value that considers a “time since last moved” value and whether that value is “equal to or greater than” xminutes. I’ve also experienced the bounce sequence and the long, long, long time between moves sequence. A bit disruptive in both instances. I’m sure the programming takes into account - Position, Player, Hand Engagement and such. Adding another value might not be too difficult to “slide” into place. That said, I think RPP is focusing most of their programming on getting a great HTML5 site launched. That means an adjustment such as this would happen with (or post) launch of that site. Looking forward to that day!

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@vtpcwizard ,
Well I must say, “rebalancing” is a good term, cause it goes way beyond just keeping tables balanced ( player wise ) and full… it really does get rediculous @ times… you spend 10 minutes gett’n table presence, lose 1 med hand, and you get rebelanced to another table with far less stacks cause your stack now is low too… thats wrong… Or you lose a med hand to someone, and they get pluck’d away to another table, yet 3 seconds later it refills the seat with another player… thats wrong …

Yes both the chipleader and the lowstack prolly shouldn’t be moved, but a limit on how fast you can be moved would help alot… just move other ppl that haven’t been moved in awhile…

Personally, ( only my opinion ) the only reason to move a player should be to fill empty spots @ other tables as the number of players decrease over time, by dissolving exsisting tables… not to rebalance “like stacks” to other tables, or to separate 2 big stacks away from each other… Far too often I see rebalancing occur where none was need’d.