Really bad

Been on the site 3 days and I have never seen such bad play rewarded by a site. Call someone who’s gone all in 7 straight times with pocket aces and lose to 5-6. Same with A-K suited twice, A-K, pocket queens. Not a fun site.

Hatch you’re gonna say it’s far fetched but 56s has the best equity with 67s & 78s against AA :smile:
Still it’s a 23% so not that great.

replay is a fun site to play free poker on and the staff is great also

shh the guy went all in with 56o but don’t remind him of it he’ll blow up like hellmuth

I dropped my account on this site about two weeks ago. My cousin was staying with me for a week and tried to set up my computer with what he uses. That would be Firefox and Yahoo. Set up an account here because he wanted to try online poker. Firefox was lagging so bad he switched to IE. That observation was his - not mine. Apparently when he tried to post on the forum it came up as me. Probably something to do with saved user names or passwords or whatever. Can I stop getting emails from here or should I try to block them at my email site?

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