Real Prizes For Incentive

How about a “REAL” prize, like a cell phone or a ChromeBook? Have a tournament where the top 3 or 5 players get a ticket/entry to the “parent” tournament where the “prize” is awarded. I believe this would give great incentive to play more often.

I think a brand new RV totally decked out would be a better prize. Or perhaps a dream vacation to Scotland for a week at one of the premiere golf resorts. Of course with free air fare and $10,000 in cash…now let’s talk about the runner up…:slight_smile:

That would be awesome! I could go for a new RV or ChromeBook. :slight_smile: Unfortunately this dabbles along the lines of real gambling, which we want to avoid as much as possible. We just want to keep it to play-money right now, but stay tuned for more promotions and new features coming up.