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Alaska woman visits outhouse, bear takes a bite out of her backside

Excerpt: In the wilderness, you need to watch your butt sometimes. An Alaska woman camping with her brother near Chilkat Lake over the weekend nearly had to kiss hers goodbye when she encountered a bear in the outhouse, she told a local radio station. “I got in there and sat down on the toilet seat, and something just immediately bit me in the butt,” Shannon Stevens told the Haines, Alaska-based KHNS Wednesday. “I jumped up and screamed.” The commotion got the attention of her brother, Erik Stevens, who said he ran over to the outhouse. (…) The duo ran back to shelter, cleaned up Shannon’s injuries, which were not serious, and hunkered down for the night, the Anchorage Daily News reported. The next morning, they found tracks leading from their campfire to the outhouse, but the bear itself was gone. [Wow, what a crappy thing to have happen! Alan25main]


Ouch !!! I don’t know what’s worse, the bite or the embarrassment :flushed:If it was me I would have told no one that story :joy:

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Embarrassment is for a short time the bite could last forever. I vote on the bite being worse Craig.


It seems the injury was not serious so why go national to Fox News ? Some things are better left unsaid… I’m still trying to figure out how someone sitting on a crapper in an out house gets bit on the arse. Unless the bear was inside the holding area. Glad she’s ok :+1:t2:

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So here is her second story now. Went to the outhouse, shined the light inside, opened the lid to the toilet, saw the little bear inside the tank at the rim. Now she’s telling us what ? That she decided to sit anyway? I call bull crap on her story. Case closed.

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It was her brother that used the flashlight after she’d been bitten.

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I don’t know Ron but people on social media are calling the couple out on this.
The only thing I know for sure from this article is all my life I’ve heard the question “ does a bear crap in the woods ? “ now we know.

No they use an outhouse! :joy:


Once again just happy no one was seriously injured in this story.

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