Re : Can I have my chips back

Hi Andrew thanks for your reply to my query but my total is still wrong. Last week my chip total was 32540000. I then lost 519000 on Monday and Tuesday so my total should be 32021000. As you can see now I have 31537977 so I am still short of 500000. See my total chips and Activity page for info.

As myself is a businessman, I can see your question will be processed slower… if you have conversation over email, then you swap to other form of communication,

Its my experiance.

I email this thread to Andrew, he probably contact you soon and sort it out.


I’m going to investigate this myself and get back to you today. After all the problems we had on monday it’s possible something went wrong, but I want to make sure, and if it turns out to be correct, I need to understand if any other players were affected and therefore make sure their bank balances are correct too.

So, I can confirm you were right, the exact amount that you should have left a table with, but didn’t, was 447,203 chips - these have been returned to you.

Here’s the record: [447203, Mon, 18 Nov 2013 23:02:50 EST -05:00]

The issue had something to do with the time difference. This occurred after Monday on UTC and therefore we missed it when we fixed the transactions from Monday.

So now we’re checking across all players from that time onwards to ensure nobody else was affected by it.

We’re also putting more failsafes into place to both report when there’s an inconsistency and to prevent a situation like this happening again.

Thanks for reporting the issue, not only does it allow us to resolve your problem, it lets us be sure no one else will lose out on a single chip.