Rats Table

I cant open Rats table " connecting, please wait" I can open all the other tables, but not Rats table.

Damn rats chewed

through ur server to that table link… They r sick of us humans mucking with them… Careful Rats piss n Sh** everywhere Bella… LOL

Strange :s I did try yesterday and opened fine for me. So not sure what’s wrong there. We’re adding a monitoring system to keep us better informed about disconnections and problems at individual tables. Hopefully in future we’ll have a better idea about what’s going on. Is it working okay again now?

what do i do to retreive my credits can not play any other table

sit down at rats table and doest load up

the (2) Rats Table 2 work, please try thet.

how can i reload

mr paul gould are you there

is anyone out there that can answer a question