Rats Table cheating

Rats table are all high cards how come we are not told. Playing Rats Table and not told it’s just high cards is A form of cheating .I hate to be treated like an you know what I mean.

Hi BoBo

It is not cheating, it is the Royal Holdem Game Type, it shows in the lobby in the column “Game” On the page help (tab in your menu when you click on your nick name in the header) you find the explanation about the game type.

Greetings Happiness.

Not many players have heard of this style of poker, and therefore think there’s something wrong with our system to only get dealt high cards. I think we need to add a message whenever anyone sits at a royal table to explain how the decks work.

I’m 73 years old and never heard of such a stupid game .The player should be given a warning that this is a different style of game.

I thought I was getting a great hand.Don’t like such sneaky ways without a warning.

You should give people a warning that this is different.I’m 73 years old and never heard of such a stupid game. I thought I was getting a great hand.

You are young enough to learn and try out a new game type. I hope when you’ve read the game explanation you can see the fun of this game type.

Also be aware there are freerolls with the Royal Holdem game type. The game type of the tournaments shows in the column “Game” on the multi table tournament page.

Try it out for free:) Greetings and good luck.

midle of the table " Royal Poker" add perhaps “Only High Cards” to it would be inaf?