My understanding is that whenever anyone disparages another; an angel smiles…

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It costs $1250 real dollars worth of chip-buying to get ranked better than 400, so I agree that rank is meaningful at a certain point. I don’t think many are paying that much for play chips, and even if they are, they will be lost pretty quickly at the higher stakes tables.

As you move up, rank starts to mean more and more, but it’s not a 1 to 1 correlation for sure.


Never bought a chip

Could some explain what tourney chips are & what do you do with them?? Thanks

Hi Gail… tourney chips are what you win… tourney points are used for LeaderBoard standings

Happy New Year Sharon; Thanks for the explanation. Freaking cold here, -16 below today. Mind you it’s cold in Florida as well, 45 today. How is it where you are. Have a great year.

You’re welcome - 19 here and windy brrrrrrrrrr…only 3 more months of this weather…lol… Happy new Year to also.

I agree that buying chip does improve your ranking. I know of several people that are bored and with money and buy the chips and just have fun, some I’m sure let their kids play and they have a blast. Ever wonder who some of the bingo players were? I have purchased several times when the price is right, and nothing over $20 not thinking that I am supporting the site, it could be better. However, I know a few who are old and had millions and died. Where do the chips go? I did get my ranking by playing mostly because I didn’t buy millions. Your Rank is a way to measure your game. I don’t know how that works when it goes up and down. I usually make 10g a day on average playing 3 or 4 times a week, sometime my rank goes down go figure. The RPP level I think is for the gamers. Some are good players and some, good at bluffing it’s a game free chips and you can play everyday with their chips. They Win and Lose everyday because they are Champions and that can’t be bought and never goes down. If you are tired of them go to a higher Buy-In level. It seems more “Poker Players” are here also but the skill is much better and so are the bluffers/bingos and you can lose everything if you are bluffing and don’t have a hand. I will continue to buy chips for me and those, I know, because it gives them the excuse to be a little bolder and play in higher stakes games. If you log in everyday and collect your chips in 1 year you will have near a million chips. Don’t lose you money everyday and you will rise in Rank. When you think you are good and have a million to lose try Acropolis of Athens, or higher and know those who are playing are probable much better than you and can lose 100Gs and you wouldn’t notice it in their bank. But the feeling of winning 100Gs or more is priceless. Lol just have fun and play your game it is free.

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Rank is determined solely by the number of chips you have. Over time, more and more chips go into the site (through bonuses and purchases), so your rank will actually go down over time if you do not increase your total chips. For example, 20,000,000 will get you a rank of ~650, whereas 2 years ago the same number of chips would get you a rank of ~300. In that sense, you have to keep winning in order to improve your rank. But rank also doesn’t really mean anything so who cares :man_shrugging:


it irks me that players will (try to) demean others with the phrase ‘nice rank’ when this only refers to quantity of chips in one’s band – whether earned or just purchased. Would it be too difficult to have a ranking system by how a player cashes? I know there are ‘promotional numbers’ but some players just play all day/night long and rack’em up. There should be another rank system to show how a player’s production is noted.

since it’s mentioned several times there should be an improvement in the ranking, i’ll add a few useful links:

1: sassy sarah was the first one to mention about a better ranking and made up a possible new one (so credit to her about this link). sassy sarah’s ranking formula

2: since i agreed there are several points of improvement in the ranking since it only covers bankroll. i decided to also give it a shot to make a new formula. my (yiazmat’s) ranking formula

3: in real money poker there is also an existing formula called GPI. GPI ranking formula

hope this helps, yiazmat.


Well, that is not much chipflation…


The top 10 players hold over 45 billion chips, whereas 2 years ago it was ~10 billion.

Still the top ten players…

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