Rank hasn't changed in days. Why not?

Although I have won approximately 80,000 chips in my last two sessions, my rank has not changed for several days. Why is that?

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That’s odd, we’ll look into it now…

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Has not gone up like it is suppose to :frowning:. The rank appears to be stuck at 52,although I have won over 10M chips this week,I have spoken to a few players who are also seeing this???

We’ve identified the problem, should have it fixed shortly, then it’ll be updating every hour as before. Sorry for the delay in getting this dealt with!

This is now fixed. Thanks for reporting the issue.

Thanks for the quick response and fix, Paul. In spite of some occasional minor glitches, (including some bad beats on the river, lol) you have a great site. For a free poker play money site, ReplayPoker is as good as it gets. Thanks for the great site to you and all the people behind the scenes who make it work. There are a lot of great players on this site as well, who make it fun to play here.

Thank-You Paul


Thanks ufoPilot, appreciate the kind words. We’re not perfect by any means, but we’re honest and hardworking, and we have a vision of what a great play money poker site should be like. That’s what we’re striving for. Good things to come in 2014! :slight_smile: