Range versus range

Everything seems to be range versus range these days in the world of millionaire poker rangers, so you wonder why they don’t just set their ranges and bluff frequencies and play computer vs computer so that they can spend their time doing something else like making videos.

You never, ever hear about a player getting a read on another player from a tic or tell. It must happen, but I guess this is something the top players don’t ever want to discuss.

Meanwhile in the world of poor prole pokerists, discussion is at a much less elevated level.

Couple of days ago I played a hand in a 1-million-chip-entry tournament in which UTG put in a big preflop raise of 20BB early in a tournament. Everyone had stacks about the same size, so no pressure to play, and the blinds are miniscule. Button reraises to 60BB–what could his range possibly contain?

UTG then shoves all-in (as one does) and Button calls (as one does.)

UTG turns over AJ, and Button turns over AA. Looks like curtains for UTG, but with 2 Jacks falling on the flop, he makes it home comfortably and Button goes for an early bath.

We have a bit of discussion in the chatbox:

Player 1: “No bad play gets unrewarded on RP.”
Player 2: “What was bad about that play?”
BluffaloKing: " Well, what hands in Button’s range did UTG think he was ahead of preflop?":
Player 3: “What are you, a professional?”

That is the reality of life on RP. Even in a tournament in which nearly all the players are ranked within the top 2000 on RP, and mostly in the top 1000, with a sprinkling of players in the top 100.

Now here is a typical million-dollar pot hand in which every rule was broken. I can’t say I am proud of it, but this is how to win chips on RP.

This is in a 20000/40000 ring game with fairly highly ranked RP poker players, but no superstars.


On RP poker deception outranks ranges every time.

What might be interesting is to go into lower level paid games and see whether there really is a quantum leap from RP. It seems hard to believe that out of 1 1/2 million amateur players the top thousand or so are pretty useful, but maybe not. I don’t know.

It would be interesting to superimpose a bell curve of RP poker players poker IQ over that of players on, say, PartyPoker.

Why don’t you try it and report your findings here? I think it would be a useful experiment and many players here would be interested to hear what you discover. You can be up and running in a matter minutes on any number of cash sites (unless you live in Washington state). There will always be micro stakes ring games and sub $20 MTTs for you to jump in at any time of day.

RE the hand you posted - I don’t think this is an example of deception so much as an example of how players give away chips needlessly. You can make your chips here simply by not making as many egregious errors as others do. For every trappy hand that works, there is one that goes wrong and another that netted you a smaller win than you should have had. Sloppy poker may work vs horrible opponents but not as well as fundamentally sound poker will.

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