Rake Changes: Tuesday, May 3

Hi all,

We’re making some increases to our rake on Tuesday. The last time we made changes was three years ago, and we’re seeing another need to make adjustments.

We’re making these changes for a number of reasons:

  • This will allow our promotional offerings to be more competitive in terms of rewards.
  • We have new reward features coming later this year, and the rake changes will allow us to fund these.
  • We’re always keeping our economy in mind. We want your chips to feel valuable, and avoid the stark levels of inflation that other poker sites see.

We’re not touching rake caps at the lowest blind levels. And although we’re increasing rake caps at all other blind levels, we’re lowering rake from 5% to 3% at 50k/100k and above. We believe this still gives us the fairest rake structure of any social poker site.

This chart details the changes that you can expect:

We encourage you to check out our blog post on bankroll management and keep this in mind when you choose your game tables. This will minimize the effect any rake changes have on the variance you experience.

Thanks for playing at our tables! :slight_smile: Please let us know if you have any questions.

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Hi all,
The rake for the elite is too high.
Iv’e seen 1 mil. rake for so many hands and every hand is over 100,000 rake.
It is a good way to get the good players chip count down. It will add up to bil ns real fast.



I actually think thats ok. Right now there is an imbalance with tournaments and cash games. As of now, the rake is so much higher in tournaments than ring games that you can only be a top ranked player by playing cash games. By increasing ring game rake. Tournaments will become more valued and balance can be restored.

I don’t believe that for a minute. Each hand in elite skates played the rakes start at 60,000 chips
and go up to 1,000,000 chips. In the tournaments The chips are taken out at the beginning or during the late registration for each tournament. Each tournament lasts about 2 hours. In ring game you could play over 200 hands… That adds up to a very hefty sum.

We don’t have cash games here… I do see your point about taking the chips away from the high rank players will help even out the chips.


I meant to say 6000 up.

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