Raising more than stack

I am someone who almost never uses the slide-bar. When I raise and it’s not minraise, halfpot or pot I enter my raise in. Usually its a multiple of the Big Blind.

But sometimes entering your raise causes issues.

Take this hand: #829038023

At the river I wanted him to bet all his chips. Unfortunately I wasn’t aware that I had a shorter stack than him. So I entered more than I had. But this caused the Raise-button to grey out. I realized that the attempted bet was larger than my stack, so I clicked on the Max-button. But the raise button stayed unclickable. I panicked because I wasn’t able to fix the Raise-button, so I didn’t think to at least call. In the end I timed out.

A quick testing in another game showed me that none of the grey buttons above coulf fix this. But after you move the slidebar can click again on the Raise-button.

I had Quad Queens one time against a bunch of players that liked to go all in and I couldn’t place a bet and it timed out on me. Probably cost me 4k chips.

My suggestion: you click one of those buttons (red marked) and than the raise button is again enabled.

You simply delete the manually entered numbered bet with the back button on your keyboard and your good the either use the buttons or manual enter your bet again.

Use the closest button, then left click to the right of the slider (in the slider “track”) to bump it up, or to the left to bump it down. Each click will increase or decrease your bet by about 1 BB.


Nice tip. This helps a lot. :+1: