Quiet or mute button

There should be an optional button for people who are playing multiple tables or they are muted that shows that person is not going to talk or is not able to talk. So it does not come off as rude to their friends when they do not respond. That way they don’t have to send individual message apologizing due to being un responsive.

I love this suggestion!!! For the past two weeks, my right hand has been bandaged, and my typing was terrible. In fact, i omitted letters a couple times, and should have muted myself!! lol

The Quiet button / status would have let folks know that I was not chatting, and I would ave saved myself some embarrassment!!

Players could activate the feature from thier table shied using an icon like this

and then the “Quiet Status” might show as a different colored shield, like this …
ps. I like blue & purple!!

Player should retain the ability to send private messages and edit profile
Quiet should affect Table Play Only