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Is online gambling (like for REAL money) illegal in North Carolina? I have tried pokerstars and I couldn’t find anything about playing with real money.

Real money online gambling is in pretty weird area right now. It’s kind of a mess, truthfully. Wikipedia is a good place to start: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Online_poker#Legality

The answer is probably not though.

Hooot! ButterButt,

It is my understand that the only states that have legal online gambling are Nevada, New Jersey & Delaware, and your IP address must originate in one of those states.
Good luck and Good poker!

It is an extremely grey area in many states. If you google “is online poker legal in north carolina” you will get more specific info.

In some place it is illegal for the sites to operate, but it is not illegal per se for individuals to participate in online gambling, so there are some sites that operate outside of the US that will allow US players, but that can be kind of questionable.