Quick play is very quick : )

Out of curiosity I clicked on “quick play” in the lobby to see what quick play is all about.
I was suddenly sitting at a table with ALL of my chips in front of me and had placed a 4k blind!
I ran away screaming like a little girl…I gotta remember to stay clear of that button : )


I did exactly the same when I joined Replay! Never moved from a table to quickly!

Maybe the “quick play” button should link to an explanation of what quick play is before seating one at a table…I realize that may not be quick enough for the quick players but maybe they would understand :relaxed:


Some time ago I made the same mistake and found myself @ a table, BB (I think) no less, and 100k of my chips entered. My arrival there was not intentional but a simple mis-click, accidentally clicked a button that landed me there. This was before becoming a Player’s Rep and I contacted Support. After explaining the problem and suggesting they make a change to permit a player to at least agree to the minimum “buy-in” prior to joining I was refunded my “lost” chips. While I’m grateful for the refund I’m disappointed to read that players can still stumble into this “booby trap”!! I will bring this to the Staff’s attention with hope that this will be fixed sooner than later.

Thanks for reporting it…I would think it is in their best interest to fix it but they might be holding off until the HTML5 version is rolled out.

Thanks again,

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Despite the priorities being to get the HTML5 version rolled out I would hope that avoiding alienating the new players that stumble into this “trap” might be considered important! By reporting my incident and being refunded the chips I stayed involved in the site as I was impressed with the reaction/support. If I hadn’t been refunded I might have not stayed a member. What new player is going to stick around if they’ve accidentally lost a chunk of their bankroll? Certainly not “Fun and Friendly”!

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Especially the ones that harp the “rigged” conspiracy.

After reading your posts, I sit here looking at “Quick Play”, and thinking, “shall I click on it or shall I not”? “Yes, I’ll click on it! No, I won’t”!
I had never noticed it before, but now I am like a child who has been warned against something “dangerous”, and therefore the more tempted to do it.
Now seriously, may I enquire what precisely is that “Quick Play”?

Many of our players (and especially new players) want to go directly to any table. The Quick Play button was created to allow them to do so. Clicking the button will take the player to a ring game that is within their bankroll range. So, for new players with low bankroll, they are taken to a low-stakes game, such as the Duck Pond. For players with bigger bankrolls, they are taken to higher-stake tables.

To avoid being seated at a table and posting chips when you really don’t want to do so, we recommend changing your settings. In the drop-down menu, under Settings, the ‘Always auto post extra big blind when sitting down’ option is turned on by default. Unclick it to turn the option off. This way, you have the option to put chips in the pot or not. Once at a table, if you decide not to play at the table and leave, you will not lose any chips.

As vtpcwizard mentioned earlier, if a player clicks the button by mistake and loses their chips, they should contact support@replaypoker.com and request a refund.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


It sure helped a lot! Thank you! :slight_smile:

I have never made the mistake of clicking on Quick Play, but I did change my settings so if it ever happens in the future I’m safe, Thanks Susan :slight_smile:

Thank you Susan, I made the change too.

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I like the quick play button, and than prepare, for what ever game I end up in, ■■■■ or get off the pot mom always says if its to rich for my blood, I dont stay,

very well said !!!

ohhh geezzz not another version … lol