Quick fixes you've learned at the tables

Over the years, one trick I learned by accident at the tables is when lagging badly or the table or chat seems frozen, the first thing I try is pressing my F5 key. Note that I play on a computer with a keyboard, not a phone–few phones will display the “F” keys–but on a keyboard, it’s right above the numeral 5 key. It reloads the page relatively quickly.

What quick fixes have you stumbled across that you can share?


The biggest quick fix I’ve learned at the tables is when I’m in a downward spiral :cyclone: is to leave the table, regroup and start again.


if there is a minor outage (this means less than 15 mins according to terms and conditions ) you might thinks its your pc lagging and you try everything but its an outage and lets say its 3 minutes well thats a long time when you are on the bubble in a MTT and cant bet

If its not an outage and F5 does not work then i go to my dashboard and reload from there


Another way to reload is to click the table’s “lobby,” button, then click, “play now” from the lobby.