Questions about bounties

I noticed that the bounty adventure MTT applies 30% (28,500) of the 100K entry minus 5% rake (995k), for each person’s bountry. This amount remains static, throughout the game. Is this true for the other bounty games?

Is the 500 entry bankroll builder the only bounty game without ‘bounty’ in the name?

Does Replay have a progressive bounty game, or plans for one?

Is this a good bet for a bounty game?

I’m aware that anyone slow playing TT+ eats my lunch, but my hope is to get called by a shorter stack, playing a draw hand. If the table folds (which is what happened), the pot adds 750 chips to my stack, and my goal, which is to be able to threaten everyone at the table.
In a regular game, I’m probably raising 2 or 3 BB, to try to get more info, but for a bounty game, was it the right bet?

No thats just pocket nines preflope. Anyone with a ten or higher can take that out. Just think. Five cards in the entire deck higher than your cards. Times four persuite. Then you hitting a straight is tough as hell. Odds are if I had a ten through ace any suite. I would hit. Bye Bye Your Money-----------

Also. I read your Bio… That time where you are fixated “kinda like 45 minutes when you tend to get your cleaning done” and then you “kinda forget that you were ever cleaning”? Go play poker…

Ohh one more thing… That bet as a whole just told me this… "Boss just walked by. Got to go fast. Please if you want this money it’s time. Got to runnnnnnn.

Know what time zones are playing…

Hi waidus

The Bankroll Builder is called B&R, which I have always understood to mean Bounty and Rebuy, although I dont think we have it written down officially.

Bounty Hunter and Bounty Brawl are 20% (after fee) as opposed to all the other non rebuy Bounty mtt events, which are 30%.

A question:

Bankroll Builder Bounty is 30% too, (305+145+50 = 500), but is rather unique in that you have to reload your Bounty when you bust out during the rebuy stages, rather than just when you are busted for the final time.

I wonder how everyone feels about that. Does this make the aggressive multiple rebuy strategy more appealing because of the likelihood of a return in most tournaments?

We certainly are aware of the progressive knockout format and will have them in the future.

46BB is a bit much to shove, whether in a bounty event or in a regular game. On this particular hand, there were only 2 stacks shorter than yours and 4 what had you covered. Because of the bounty, any stack that has you covered needs less raw equity to call your shove. Therefore, IMO, there are too many hands to try to get this through (even though it worked this time).

Had a ~20BB stack limped and 1 more called and then the action was on you, I’d rip it in, especially in a bounty format. As a general rule of thumb, the larger stacks can put more pressure on the shorter stacks and call off wider against them when bounties are present. You want to be careful when confronting players who have you covered as it becomes your bounty up for grabs (they can call you down lighter).

Also - DO NOT make a 2-3BB raise in a regular game in this spot. Either limp it behind or raise a lot larger. Small raises OOP after multiple limps results in you playing larger pots with the worst position vs the same number of players. This is the absolute worst position to put yourself in.


tks chairman. you answered my questions, and probably brought up some future ones.

Are you sure B&R doesn’t stand for bingo, & rebuy? :upside_down_face: I haven’t been reading up on bounty games very long, but still haven’t come across that format, except on Replay. I wonder how it would work with numbers that discourage some of the bingo aspects, and have bounty payouts rival some of the ITM payouts. With new money being added to the bounty pool, at least for 30 min., it could get substantial.
I’d still play the MTT, if for no other reason than to practice shoving, and calling shoves, but I don’t want to take advantage of beginners trying to learn the game, and build some bank.

I’ve been thinking about some of the dynamics of the progressive game. Bounties are gonna be much larger on the final table, but at some point, you have to start thinking if you win the tournament, you’re gonna get most of the bounties anyway, so you ignore them.

I knocked out 8/18 in one of the promos, last year. I don’t know how many they had knocked out, but under the right circumstances, it could be a big bulls eye on your back, or a nice bonus, if you’re the last man/woman standing. Maybe get to see how the staff feels, in their bounty game.

tks for the remarks @1Warlock.
Wouldn’t this be raise or fold spot? With that many people seeing the flop, I’m not sure that even a set would give me much confidence. You’re right. The raise must be big enough to reduce the field to where 99 might have a shot. (equity?)

This was one of the 7.5K bounty games. I was mostly testing strategies and looking for things i’d just read about. I was centered on improving my table ranking, and missing some of the problems the lack of it brought.

Speaking strictly bounty strategy…
Would you suggest raising just large enough to cover the smaller stacks, while seeing a call from the larger stacks possible larger pairs?

Speaking strictly nlhe…
More I think about it, only calls I’d get are ones where i’m beat, or flipping a coin.

With that many limpers in front of you and the tendency for people to call any reasonable raise size, I think its fine to limp behind and see a flop. No one other than the initial limper should have any sort of real hand but they will all have good equity against 99. If you raise and UTG calls, its going to set off a chain reaction of calls from everyone else. If you think you can get heads up with 1 player, raise it up. If you think you’ll be called by 2+, then just limp behind with an easy hand to play postflop.

Too big of a raise as it will commit your stack against a reshove by a larger stack. You have plenty of room at 46BB to work with.

At this stack depth, I think that’s right. On the other hand, there were 750 chips (7.5BB) of dead money sitting in the middle. That dead money greatly reduces the equity required when you are called. I like your instinct to attack the dead money though. Keep looking for spots to pick those chips up when you have a big enough stack to get folds from a shove. I will shove medium pocket pairs (66-99) over an open and a flat with ~30bb all day long if I’m in late position.

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