Questionable chip count

Chip count appears grossly understated.

On January 23rd, I had 1.8 Million chips. Between that time and the last night I played, Jan 26th, I increased my chip count by more than one million, yet you show my chip count at less than one million total.

Please check and advise

Thank you dmjs

Hi dmjs

I sent it by email to the staff ( and asked to check the logs for you. Greetings Happiness.

Just checked you account and it appears you registered for the ‘Granddaddy of them All’ tournament here:

Do you recall registering for it? I checked out some hands from the tourney but it looks like you weren’t there playing. eg.

I received your reply but please don’t mark my case “solved”

I don’t remember registering for that tournament and as you state there is no record of my playing.

but what does that have to do with the loss of 1 million chips. Is that tournament a one million dollar chip pot?

I believe that my loss occurred during the period you announced work in process with software problems.

Anyway, you have mistakenly recorded my chip account at lease one million less than it should be.

It’s only $50 worth to buy more but in principle, please restore what your program has stolen.

Thanks DMJS

Hi DMJS, sorry I jumped the gun there. I realize now I didn’t explain myself well enough. That tourney ‘Granddaddy of them all’ has a 1 million chip buy-in! Hence the mystery of where the chips went was solved. But given you have no recollection in registering for it and didn’t participate, I’ve refunded you the buy-in now. It’s actually quite easy to mistakenly register for a tourney simply with a single click of the button, so please do keep an eye on the dashboard which lists any ring games or tourneys you’re playing or registered for.