Why is a toadstool called such ?

from the German ‘Tod’ (“death”) and ‘Stuhl’ (“stool”)?


Works for me but I am only beginning to see how far ‘off topic’ I can get and garner replies !

You might be surprised. At any given moment, there are probably around 2000 players on line. That’s about the size of a Marine Regiment. Almost any skill you can think of is probably somewhere in their ranks, just from the sheer numbers. Need a cartoonist? There’s likely 20 to 30. Same deal here at Replay. If you ask an exotic question, don’t be shocked if someone knows the answer, or even if two or more begin squabbling over which answer is rightest. I love my fellow players, they’re great! And, they’ll give you good information, if you ask the right questions. Good luck! Alan25main

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Or is willing to make one up…

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True–but, then we’re all poker players, aren’t we? Wouldn’t that be just another form of bluffing?

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Please tell me what a player has to do to be muted I have a terrible time on replay we meaning sammymorgan and replay just do not agree on anything there for they give me a really hard time no cards to play have to play 25-50-100 hand befor they let me play at all so i can only fold every hand if they mute me i am better off let me know how i can muted thank you

I think you might need some toadstools or something.