QUESTION about the 2023 May Marathon

I’m very confused about the tickets needed during Week 2. I know that for the final we only need 4 tickets. But, the wording on the campaign page for the May Marathon makes it sound like we needed to win tickets in week 1, to be able to play in week 2, to win tickets for the FINALS on next Sunday. So, this week I’ve already won several tickets because I thought I needed them for this coming week (week 2) to win again to be able to get a ‘Finals’ ticket. I already have 5 tickets now, and I’m thinking maybe I don’t need to play anymore until Finals Sunday? Help, I don’t understand.
Thanks for any help.


The way I understand it is the Week1 tickets can only be used in Week2 tourneys. In Week2 you can use the Week1 tickets won or use 5k in chips (maybe 5k tickets will work).


Thank you @Miakoda for you’re question. I was very confused as well and for a few days after reading the Promo platform. But, I agree with you’re assumption. From what I understand from just trying to interpret the language is the ticket we win this week 1, should be used in as many as we can for more opportunities, for week 2 semifinals. Then week 2 tourney’s we can play, to have the opportunity to get the final’s ticket. I could be wrong but I don’t think so.


Ok. So maybe I needed more than 5 tickets for week 2, ROFL. I’ll continue trying to win tickets in week 2 then.
Thanks Liten, Thanks @smooth99 :slight_smile:

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You’re very welcome my friend @Miakoda and Thanks @smoothe, Great simple display of the format!!!
I encourage all to post their questions, concerns, etc in the forums. Lot of Great folks will respond.


Hi @Miakoda

Thanks for the question and apologies for any confusion.

smooth99 has summed it up correctly,

Unlimited tickets won in Week 1 can be used to play in Week 2.
Week 2 games can be played Week 1 Tickets, with standard 5K Tickets or 5,000 chips.
The Finals on May 28 can ONLY be accessed with Tickets won in week 2.

We are hoping that this format is popular enough to run more often, possibly at higher stakes (for week 2) but we still want to preserve a low stake or freeroll tier for week 1.



Wish the Finals were a mix of Omaha HI/LO and Hold’em like qualifying is. I mean if i qualify for the finals playing Hi/Lo, I’d kinda like to play it in the finals.

I’d also agree making the week 2 buy in higher would give alot more incentive to play week 1. Similar to the Repay games


Thanks Rob, for more clarification and confirmation. Your sentence that finals can ONLY be accessed with week 2 tickets, is the key here. ‘ONLY’ is an important word. I like these big tournaments and hope I can at least make a few chips with this one. :slight_smile:

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Agree with the wish for Hi/Lo as well as Hold’em in the finals. As soon as I saw it was only Hold’em in the finals I chose not to play.


Hi my Friend, @southwestmba , I doubt we will ever see a mix of tournament in Promo’s. But yes, I enjoy the Omaha Hi/Lo as well, hopefully there will be a marathon Promo for Hi/Lo in the future. GL to all at the tables.

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Hi, @southwestmba @cassandra21

Thank you for the comments about Hi/Lo. We decided to make the Finals all hold’em because we thought that was ‘standard’. Obviously, we will consider a different format next time.

The idea is to run this type of event more often than the 1 or 2 a year as we do now, and mix buy in levels. Omaha Hi/lo and hold’em will be the main games.



Hi Everyone!

I just want to update players who won tickets from Week 1. These tickets can be used to register for Week 2. Unfortunately, for May Marathon Week 2 tournaments, there is no option to choose the type of ticket, so the system is taking the oldest ticket instead of the May Marathon Week 2 tickets, so sorry about that.

Our Team is aware of this issue, and we will make sure to rectify before another promotion of this type. We don’t have an ETA when this will be fixed, but if you registered for May Marathon Week 2 events, and it’s still taking your regular 5k tickets, please write to so we can replace your 5k tickets with 5,000 chips. If you prefer that we deposit regular 5k tickets, please let us know when you write in.

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Ich wollte mich auch bedanken:
Wie kann man aus so einer einfachen Sache einen so komplizierten Unsinn machen?
Es könnte ja so einfach sein:
Ich spiele die Quali-Turniere und kann für jedes gewonnene Ticket ins Finale. Gesagt getan. Ich habe 4 Tickets erspielt. Geil: Qualifiziert für 4 Finals? Nein…(Erspielt in Woche 1!!)
nein, man muss es wieder merkwürdig gestalten, damit niemand mehr durchblickt.
Jetzt bin ich für was qualifiziert?
Ich habe also jetzt 4 Tickets, die mir gar nichts nützen, da ich Nicht für ein Finale qualifiziert bin.
Ich muss mich also jetzt in der “2.Woche” abermals für die Finals qualifizieren?
Ja, danke, ich habe ja auch jede Woche den ganzen Tag Zeit um hier stundenlang zu spielen.

Und ich gratuliere ausdrücklich demjenigen, der diese tolle Idee hatte zu diesem galaktischen “Modus”.

Ganz großes Kino.

I also wanted to thank:
How can you make such a complicated nonsense out of such a simple thing?
It could be as simple as this:
I play the qualifying tournaments and can go to the final for every ticket I win. Said and done. I earned 4 tickets. Geil: Qualified for 4 finals? No…( Earned in week 1!!)
no, you have to make it strange again so that nobody can see through it anymore.
Now am I qualified for what?
So now I have 4 tickets that are of no use to me as I am not qualified for a final.
So I have to qualify for the finals again in the “2nd week”?
Yes, thanks, I have all day every week to play here for hours.

And I expressly congratulate the person who had this great idea for this galactic “mode”.

A big movie theater.



Hi, as a result of feedback and internal discussion, we have decided to change two of the May Marathon Finals on May 28th to 9 max NL Omaha Hi/Lo.

The first (02:30 ET) and third (14:30) games will be changed over.

The Finals will begin to appear in your MTT Lobby on 27th May and be open for registration immediately

Enjoy !


Wie jetzt?
Ich hab also zeitgleich 2 Finals?
Ich hoffe ich habe mich verlesen.
Warum zum Geier werkelt ihr schon wieder an den Modi und Terminen herum?
Es war doch gut so wie es ist.
Was ist los bei Euch?
Ich habe also jetzt 4 Final-Tickets mühsam erspielt und kann eigentlich nur 2 spielen, weil
zeitgleich spiele ich grundsätzlich kein Turnier!! Ich hoffe ich habe das falsch verstanden und mich verlesen.
Ich möchte bitte gleich!! eine Auflistung der “Final-Termine”->Aller Termine.
Like right now?
So I have 2 finals at the same time?
I hope I misread.
Why the hell are you guys messing around with the modes and dates again?
It was good the way it is.
What’s going on with you?
So I have now laboriously earned 4 final tickets and can actually only play 2 because
at the same time I basically don’t play a tournament!! I hope I misunderstood and misread.
I want it now please!! a list of the “final dates” → all dates.

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Sunday, May 28th

02:30 - 08:30 - 14:30 - 20:30 Ticket only 9 players, Regular 5M
The 2.30 and 14.30 games will be Omaha Hi/lo,
The 8,30 and 20.30 games will be NL Holdem

Ja danke für die Mühe.
Ob Omaha Hi/Lo oder NL Holdem ist mir persönlich egal, von daher…Ist ok.

Yes, thanks for the trouble.
Personally, I don’t care whether it’s Omaha Hi/Lo or NL Hold’em, so it’s ok.


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2:30am Est is showing Both Hold’em and Omaha Hi/low available in lobby

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Cheers Goat, is corrected now :stuck_out_tongue:

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My Promo page shows two 14:30 ET Grand Final games.