Question About Satellites

In the description it says any surplus chips will be paid as an additional prize - aren’t the five 20k tickets the 100k prize pool? Under what circumstances would there be surplus chips (I assume would come from the buy-ins)?


It pays out 4 tickets; Surplus chips to 5th, think that’s from rebuys, if the 20k had rebuys. Not sure but ni the higher tkts, it also happens from time to time, but usually only 4tkts.

You’ll have surplus chips, if there are more chips in the pool than the guaranteed prize pool.
In this case every player pays 2500 chips. 250 chips are tournament fees. The remaining 2250 chips go into the prize pool. If we have in this tournament 45 or more players, the prize pool is bigger than the guaranteed 100k (45*2250 = 101250). This surplus will be paid for the sixth place, unless the surplus is bigger than 20k. Than the sixth place gets also a ticket and the seventh place gets the remainer. And so on.