Queens - Would you call?

Would you have called? All the way?

called? no.
raised? defenitely

QQ is a great hand and you already had a lot of dead money in the pot from all those callers. unless you have a stone cold read about the villain UTG that hes a nit that only raises hands like KK+, you really have to 3bet it there, since so many players are coming along i would make it somewhere about 300-400 (more like 400 if they also call big bets). a UTG range is usually quite strong but QQ is stong enough to beat even that range. by calling the biggest disadvantage is that you play a smaller pot vs multiple opponents, but you want a big pot with less opponents. when the flop comes you either flop an overpair (which is kinda what you want) or 1 or 2 overcards come out there. when the overcards come you kinda have to fold to almost any bet because youre almost certain at least one of them have that K or A, but even if they do and you raised pre, you got the chips in at the moment you were ahead, and if they called with just a king or ace with mediocre kicker it means you profit a lot from that long term. and if you do hit an overpair it means you’re usually ahead but those A rag kinda hands wont pay anymore. you might hit a J hgh board and face someone with Jx but that still won’t make you as much money as raising. and since you are facing multiple opponents hitting an overpair also means you have a lot more chance to face two pair or higher, and since most likely you wont wanna fold an overpair it can also get you broke.
long story short: calling (or folding) QQ isn’t the best play here. so unless you have a major read it’s always a 3bet

hope this helps,
gl yiazmat


You’re sitting on the button, facing an UTG min-raise and three flats with one of the four best preflop hands in poker. This player population tends to be over-eager to call preflop and bet suboptimal sizes postflop (either minimum, or pot-size). Folding in this spot is so nitty, do it more than once and you’ll end up with a closet full of sweaters.

I’d recommend 3-betting to about 10BB, or 20% of your stack. If everyone else folds, heck, you’ve scooped a nice pot early in a tournament with minimal risk. Facing a jam, you can probably call it off, and provided you’re reasonably bankrolled, just buy into the next SnG without having wasted too much of your time if you end up dominated and lose.

Get a bunch of calls? Well, if the flop doesn’t bring an ace or a king, you’re almost certainly ahead, and you’ll have position as the preflop aggressor in any case. If the flop brings a queen, like in this hand? Awesome, since even if you’re up against a straight or a flush, you’ve got plenty of outs to a boat.

As @yiazmat said, calling isn’t the best choice here with QQ. Raise it up and profit.

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I’m confused, are you saying you folded QQ, preflop?

I don’t think those guys looked at the hand. they seem to think I folded QQ preflop

how is a Qh6d a great hand preflop? I don’t get that

no I had Qh6d and folded preflop.

We can’t see that you had Qh6d, just like we can’t see the hole cards of anyone else who folded. Nothing in your post indicated that was what you held. The title of the post implied that you held “Queens,” which we reasonably took to mean you folded QQ.

If you actually held Q6o, then you made the correct fold preflop, even if you would have won this particular hand.


exactly this. i completely watched the hand before replying and im pretty sure @WannabeCoder also did.
but since you said queens instead of Q6o i assumed you had QQ and not Q6.
but as played, Q6 is absolutely right to fold here. you had position but Q6o is a bad hand, and there was a raise UTG and quite a lot of callers. so no reason to either call or raise here

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what @WannabeCoder and @yiazmat said.

Sorry folks. My bad! I did not know you couldn’t see my hole cards. I get why you thought I folded QQ. It all makes sense now, lol! Thanks