Qual a importância da sorte no jogo? translation : How important is luck in the game?

Cartas são aleatórias portanto na minha opinião a sorte não tem importância, o que acho e que o sistema tem algum controle no jogo em certos momentos.

Cards are random so in my opinion luck doesn’t matter, which I think and that the system has some control in the game at certain times.

Live poker I would say 75% skill - 25% luck. [Online poker] maybe the reverse. People are much less likely to donk off their [chips] live where online any two cards for most !

I think I know what you’re referring to about randomness. But, doesn’t the seating position come into play regarding one having “good” or “bad” luck in a poker game? So, I think LUCK does matter.

I remember, I was playing in a ring game on another site with about 5 others and was getting unbelievable good cards. A player on my right, left the table and immediately re-entered on my left. I noticed it and commented if he wasn’t just on my right side. He replied in a sort of rude manner.

So, I waited out some hands and left the table and immediately re-entered on this player’s left.

I don’t quite understand why he got so upset but everyone else at the table seemed to enjoy it.

Seating position doesn’t have anything to do with luck - by it’s very nature, it is random. That’s why we call it “luck” :slight_smile:

Seating position determines how much information you gather before you play which certainly can and should affect your success rate against the player on your immediate right and sometimes the player to the right of that player as well.

As a general rule, you want very weak players and very strong players (compared to the rest of the table - obviously, “weak” and “strong” are not absolutes) on your right. Weak players are much easier to “push around” and steal pots from and you don’t want to commit to an action, if you can avoid it, against a strong player.

No idea why someone would be “upset” about you changing seats unless that player, knowing the importance of seat position, thought you were insulting them by your actions implying that you think they are a weak player.


I have to disagree with you on this. I’m just stating my opinion but, in ring games one does have a choice where they are going to sit at their table when multiple seats are available at that moment.

No disagreement at all that I can see.

I don’t see an advantage in changing seats if all players, including you, have similar skill levels but changing seats to take advantage of a weak opponent or gain some “protection” against a noticeably better player is nearly always a good idea.


I’m guessing he changed seats because I was getting so many good hands in a row.

Yes, quite likely.

By sitting to your left, he has the advantage of knowing how you feel about your hole cards. Fairly obviously, if you bet, you probably think you have good cards and if you limp, you probably don’t feel quite so good. He can then decide whether he wants to play or not based on your action.

On the other hand, with him playing somewhere to your right, he has to take action without knowledge which means that, in general, he has to play somewhat tighter than he might otherwise.


I was just responding to the OP statement that “luck” doesn’t matter because the cards are dealt in a random manner.

My initial response IMO is that there is “luck” involved in every hand dealt. It may be “good” or it may be “bad”. And, seat position does matter. Your skill also matters. To improve one’s chip stack, it always depends on how you play each good or bad hand dealt to you.

I don’t have any stats partly because I just thought of this just now, but for each hand that’s randomly dealt to you, there’s probably an 80% chance your hand will be a “good” one and probably a 20% chance it will end up a “bad” hand. And, vice versa 20% a “good” and 80% it will be “bad”.

Again, one’s success will always depend on how you play each.

I don’t think this means you should always fold what looks like a “bad” hand or always continue playing “good” hands because there is always a chance in poker one way or the other that’s what’s great about poker playing.

Btw, everyone thinks they always have a chance. The one’s with experience let them think they really do.

I think you’re very familiar with the “Fairness Debate” thread where you can find a lot of “bad” beats posts.

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Another legitimate reason to change seats at a live table (in a casino or card room) is simply to be able to see the board cards. With oval or kidney-shaped tables, it’s harder to see the cards of the players at the opposite end of the table (seats 1 - 3 or 8 - 10), while the seats across from the dealer (seats 4 - 7) can see them all easily (you only have to see half as far). Using a four-color deck, it can also be difficult to tell the difference between the blue and green for diamonds and clubs, though this isn’t as common. Don’t laugh–you’ll get old, too, if you’re lucky.

I think the OP’s implying that since there is a random shuffle of the cards, the deal is predetermined therefore, there is no “luck” in the results.

But, I also disagree with this premise that the winning hand result is predetermined for at least a couple of reasons, 1) the winning hand is folded pre-flop or 2) the winning hand is folded after a raise etc. I’ve had this done many times to me.