Punishing Folding

This week I noticed I would finish in the top 3 of a Pegasus tournament, but didn’t get any points. In one game I got neither points nor chips. I wrote Replay to ask what was happening and their reply was
“Thanks for writing in! It looks like you only played 39/79 (49%) hands in that game. It’s important to remember tournament points are only awarded to players who were present (not away) for at least 50% of the hands in their tournament.”
I fold a lot, but I’m in the tournament, not away. And that’s the whole point of blinds, so you can’t just sit around until most have lost their chips. This just started this week, because I’ve always played this way.

That seems very odd , so if you fold bad cards it is not counted towards hands played . That doesn’t seem right.

Hey Reesepiece, we got the latest response to your support ticket and have escalated this to our tech team. We’ll get back to you via that ticket as soon as they’re able to dig into it. Thanks for letting us know!

I’m asking you for a curiosity.
Why I finished 30th and alan 41st and he got more points than me?

Gal alan

@Galletto - I merged your post into this thread because it appears you were both affected by the same issue.

Our tech team has fixed what caused this, so there will be no other issues going forward. They are looking into how they can correct your scores, and we hope to have that resolved within a few days.

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Thank you for your rapid response.

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Good, Smart playing, patience with any luck is generally rewarded. Folding should be counted when not sitting out. Haven’t played that tourney but isn’t there still that box you check (post and fold)? The check mark should indicate the person isn’t participating. Easy fix for actually not counting ‘those’ folds.
It would take some more REPLAY program surgery to include, I suspect.
I still see to many suspicious actions from the dealer end in the programming to get to excited with any play, even after I fold pre-flop and am in my observation booth. Good Luck, CJ