Pulling my friends hair out

This time I am very mad. 10 pm freeroll reshuffled so so so many times, finally, with a couple k left the game just said ha ha try and find your table’ took me to a table without me and from there I guess you know what happened. NOT MY COMPUTER !!!

Hi roofer

I understand that is very annoying. Pity you not sent a hand number with it.

You remember if you had a low stack when you got transferred so many times? Often you move to another table when you have a low stack, think they have to build a limit for it, so that players with a low stack not get transfered every time.

And if you also go to a table without seat is very annoying after that all. I hope the tech team can investigate that problem too.

Please can you tell me if you had a low stack during the many transfers? Than they know were to look.

And ehh, hope your friends are not bald now. Greetings Happiness.

Thx Happiness, early in I had about 5k, reshuffled 4 or 5 times losing some, then had 2300, ended up on table I think because it took me there with no icon, had to go to lobby to find out I was out

This game still has the reshuffling problems and is supposed to be “fixed”. Anyway, the guys look better bald but the girls wont come near me anymore when I’m mad. Have a nice day!!!

Thanks for the info, i’ve sent it all to the staff. Have a nice day too and see you at the table:))

Thanks for reporting 1roofer1. So we’ll investigate on two fronts: - Are we under or over rebalancing (or is it correct for the number of players and tables) - There’s still this possibility of rebalancing and ending up on the wrong table.