Puggywug's August 2019 - best month yet

I started August at 12.9M chips, and ended at 16.2M, not counting chips earned from the Monthly Regular SNG Leaderboard (+850K) which will put me over 17M.

In 60 games in Astral Pegasus, I won 14 games, and was ITM in 28, for a ITM% of 46.67%.


This is pretty good, but I feel there is still room for improvement in my game at this level. After July, I had identified a few of my tilt triggers and worked on them, I’d say the results from this month show that I’ve been effective in this. My longest streak without winning chips was 3 games, which happened a few times; by contrast in July I had a terrible slide at one point of 21 games without finishing ITM. For August, I still had a few too many 9th and 8th place finishes – most if not all of which were the result of overvaluing high pocket pairs in the very early game, and experiments with preflop aggression that ended with bad results. But I think I can work on this as well.

Placing 2nd on the monthly leaderboard gives me the confidence to say I’m one the best players on the site playing in that type of game right now. I feel great about the accomplishment. I’ve definitely taken my game up a level this month. There are a few players I’ve run into who I feel are better than me. @Nebula-, @re1ayer, @GSOPhil, @-BlackWidow-, @flashlight_gt, @Axiom222, @nimwin14, @elanoftroy, and @boyd2 all have earned my respect with their impressive performances this month.

After completing my 60 100K SNG’s, I switched over to playing MTT, to focus on getting better in this type of game. I struggled in MTT play, failing to money in 7 of 8 tournament’s in Badonk’s Foals. My one chip win (655K) mostly offset my expenses (800K) in this category, but I disappointed myself, finishing in the middle of the pack, and toward the bottom half again and again, after taking 1st in the last Grey Foals MTT of July – which, looking back was something of a miracle predicated on a couple of hands that went really well for me at critical junctures.

I also exited before the bubble in most of the regular MTTs that I played for practice between 8/18-8/28, which altogether cost me over 650K in buy-ins. I think the practice was worth it, though, because my one chip win in the Foals league came after all that practice, and it helped me refine my strategy for making it deep into this type of game. This time I made final table and felt like I had deserved my 2nd place finish, that I had achieved it through skill and judgment more than through luck this time.

Lastly, I created improved leaderboard spreadsheets for Badonk’s Donks and Badonk’s Foals leagues. This was not only fun, but allowed me to give back to the league while at the same time learning a few new spreadsheet tricks. @Badonkidonk told me that it used to take him about 2 hours to update his old leaderboards; the ones I designed can be updated in just a few minutes, with less likelihood of error. We’ve also received a number of compliments on the new boards, which is always so good to hear. It’s good to do something that helps out and makes an improvement that can be appreciated by many.


Congratulations, good work! It is good to play practice tourneys as you can try out tactics and moves with no pressure to perform.

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Go get 'em puggy!

Since you seem top be so good at programming stuff, can you come over and take care of my automatic lawnmower thingy? Its terrorizing the neighborhood.

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I’m ok at programming, but I don’t know anything about programming embedded systems like what controls your mower.

That’s ok, I ran it over before it went all terminator on us.

Congrats and excellent Bloging dude. Thanks for the shout out too. I am learning from all of the players in the league and feel honored to be part of it all.

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